Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Who in Your Database Has Your Birth Day?

Saturday rolled around quite quickly this week and with the holiday weekend, this is a day or so late, but my mother used to always say, “Better late than never” and I hate to miss out on the SNGF challenges.

In this week’s Genea-Musings topic, Randy Seaver asked if we had anyone in our family trees who shared our exact date of birth – as in day, month AND year – and how many in our trees share the day and month with us.

I used RootsMagic’s list function to generate everyone who shares my birthday of 7 March. There is no one else born in the exact year in which I was born, but I have one direct line ancestor with whom I share March 7th and 12 additional cousins in the collateral lines who were also born on March 7th.

First, my direct line ancestor turned out to be quite a black sheep and I’ve written about her before – Sara Brita Krook, born 7 March 1752 in Bonderup, Skåne, Sweden. She married Anders Molin and died on 5 April 1812 in Andrarum, Skåne, Sweden.

The collateral lines are:

9X Great Aunt – Ruth Stevens, 7 March 1641
8X Great Uncle – Jonathan Stevens, 7 March 1689/90
8X Great Uncle – William Edmunds, 7 March 1681
7X Great Aunt – Abigail Adams, 7 March 1713/14 (no, not HER!)
1st Cousin &X Removed – Cecilia Catherina Molin, 7 March 1741/42
1st Cousin 4X Removed – Ingrid Emelie Molin, 7 March 1829
1 Cousin 3X Removed – Peter Hrinya, 7 March 1864
2nd Cousin 2X Removed – Elmer Leo Ford, 7 March 1886
2nd Cousin 1X Removed – Donald Alvin Glidden, 7 March 1910
2nd Cousin 2X Removed – William Patoray, 7 March 1930
3rd Cousin – Living Cousin, 7 March 1943

The last of my collateral lines is a gentleman with whom I corresponded. He was very interested in the family history and together we were able to fill in many details on the Coleman family tree. Gould Coleman lived a long life and passed away only 15 days ago on 2 April 2017 at the age of 97 years and 26 days. Gould Humphrey Coleman was my 2nd cousin 1X removed – We shared not only our birthday, but our love of genealogy. Sadly, I never had the chance to meet him in person.

I used Family Tree Maker to determine my relationship to each of these people. It can be done in RootsMagic, but FTM automatically displays that information for each person on whom I click. (I miss that feature in RootsMagic.)

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