Samuel W. Scott – Another Mystery Tied to Ephraim Thompson, Part 1

It’s time for a Thompson break, at least a short one, if you have been following my travails with the family of Ephraim Thompson. I’ve only casually mentioned Samuel W. Scott in those posts, as he married Sarah (Sallie) Thompson, presumed daughter of Ephraim Thompson and Sarah Curry.

Samuel W. Scott presents even more challenges in uncovering his family history than do the Thompsons. I originally was trying to prove the parentage of Elizabeth Eramanthus Scott who married James Holland in Howard County, Missouri on 9 June 1847 when I began this research.

As I delved into the Thompsons, I discovered that Sarah married Samuel W. Scott and I strongly suspected that Sarah was the mother of Elizabeth Eramanthus when I found her in the 1850 Howard County census.

However, I haven’t had any more luck with actually proving the members of the Scott family as I have with the Thompsons. Preponderance of evidence and (yes) bread crumb trails brought me to this theory:

Samuel W. Scott married Sarah Thompson on 26 February 1821 in Howard County, Missouri. Samuel died about 1835 and definitely before 13 October 1835 when Elmore Thompson, presumed son of Ephraim Thompson, was appointed to serve as the administrator of his estate. Unfortunately, no distribution to heirs is included in the few court minute entries that have been found.

A settlement report presented to the court gives the impression that Samuel was involved in some type of business, based on both the number of debts owed to his estate and to the debts he owed to others, plus a statement by Elmore Thompson, administrator of his estate about Samuel’s poor bookkeeping:

Entry from Court Minutes of S.W. Scott Estate Administration, 1836

The undersigned in presenting the foregoing proceedings
To the honorable county court of Howard respect-
fully state that he found the books of the
Deceased so badly kept that their (sic) is but little
Reliance to be place in them in some instances
Individuals acknowledged themselves
More in debt than the books of the deceased exhibit.

It is not known whether Samuel was related to any of the other early Scotts in Howard County. Samuel’s only mention found in Howard County court records so far is his own estate administration.

In 1823, a Lewis Scott was mentioned as a guardian to Samuel Small and in 1824, it was further mentioned that he was a tanner. In 1825, Anderson Scott, orphan of Hugh Scott (from Woodford County, Kentucky) chose Lewis Scott as his guardian. That may be a clue that this group is not related to Samuel.

Based on the 1830 census, Samuel Scott was born between 1790-1800. While delving into Thompson court minutes in Washington County, Kentucky, I came across the following curious entry (volume D:93):

9 March 1812 noted the apprenticeship of Samuel Scott, aged 15 on 1 January 1812, natural son of Alley Scott, deceased, to George Thompson to learn the art of draper.

It was signed by John Reed, clerk, and George Thompson.

I believe that this is likely “my” Samuel W. Scott. His age fits with the census record. He was apprenticed to a Thompson, although I don’t know right now how George Thompson was related to Ephraim. Further, there is no later record of this Samuel Scott in Washington County, Kentucky records – he wasn’t there at the time of the 1820 census – and he was residing in Howard County, Missouri by the time of his February 1821 marriage to Sarah Thompson. In addition, I have found no other  male Scott relatives yet for Samuel in Missouri, which wouldn’t be surprising if he was the child of an unmarried Scott mother. So far, all the clues fit and none of them conflict.

There is another Samuel Scott who lived in Washington County at the same time, but he is definitely a different person as this other Samuel married Jane Seaton on 8 June 1809. I wonder if this Samuel could be an uncle of Samuel W. Scott and brother of his mother, Alley Scott?

There is a Robert Scott who married Nancy Clifton on 7 August 1795, also in Washington County, Kentucky. Samuel W. and Sarah had a (presumed) son, born c1823, who was named Robert J. Scott. Robert lived with Elizabeth Eramanthus and James Holland in Sullivan County, Missouri in 1850.

The elder Robert and Nancy Scott were still living in Washington County in 1830. Robert hasn’t been found in 1840 and I’ve seen mention, but no proof, that he died there in 1837. This man might also possibly be an uncle of Samuel W. Scott.

There are three land patent entries for Samuel W. Scott in the Howard County, Missouri land records. All three entries were recorded in 1829:

T50N R15W S22, E1/2SE1/4
T50N R15W S24, E1/2SE1/4
T49N R15W S8, NE1/4

Sarah didn’t appear to own any of this property after Samuel died, as there are no land deeds found in her name or those of her children.

Tomorrow, we will take a look at the family of Samuel and Sarah (Thompson) Scott.





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