Will of Casper Stoehr, Rowan County, North Carolina, 1808

Casper Stoehr is my husband’s 5X great grandfather. His daughter, Catherine, predeceased her father, but lived to adulthood and married Abraham Douthit, who is named in her father’s will.

Will of Casper Stoehr
Rowan County, North Carolina
Dated 1808, Probated 1814, G:311

The last Will and Testament of Casper Stoehr of Rowan County and State of North Carolina. In the Name of God Amen.

First it is my will and desire that my dearly beloved wife Catherine Shall enjoy all the Interest accruing from money . .during her natural life, and also to enjoy the rent of the Two plantations mentioned and stipulated in the agreement made between myself and Charles Porter during her natural life.

I also give and Bequeath to my dearly Beloved wife all my real and personal estate Consisting of my Two Negros David and ___ and her increase, my stock, household furniture and anything else belonging to my estate during her natural life and after her decease all the above property to be Sold by my Executors at public Vandue, and the monies arrising therefrom are to be equally distributed in manner and form following (Viz)

1st I give and Bequeath Twenty Two dollars unto each of my Deceased daughter Catherine’s Children who was Married to Abraham Douthit

2nd I give and Bequeath unto my son in law Charles Posten (Porter?) Five Shillings in full of his legacy

3rd I give and Bequeath unto my son in law Abraham Douthit Five shillings in full of his legacy

And it is my will and desire that the remaining part of Said Monies Shall be divided share and share alike among my Seven Children named as follows (Viz) John Stoehr, Casper Stoehr, Adam Stoehr, Peggy Little (widow of Abraham Little), Sarah Maggoty (widow of Thomas Maggoty), Mary Brindle (wife of John Brindel), and Rachel Long (wife of Frederick Long).

And I hereby Constitute and appoint my dearly beloved son Casper Stoehr and my dearly beloved friend John Hoehnes son of Philip Hoehnes Executors of my last written Testament.

In Witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this Nineteenth day of December in the year of our Lord 1808.

Casper Stoehr (Seal)

Witness present
Michael Hanes

This is another of my husband’s dead end lines, as I have never seen any documentation, or even any clues as to Casper’s parents, siblings or German origins.

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  1. Hello – I am a descendant of Casper Stoehr. I believe his father was Johann Kaspar Stoehr, and he was born September 7, 1700 to John Adam and Margaretha Stoehr in Forndorf, Bayern, Germany. And that Johann Kaspar Stoehr came to the US in 1738.

    My great-grandmother was Mariah Starr (the family eventually changed their name). She was the daughter of Ithamer Starr, whose father was Samuel Starr. Samuel was the son of John Starr and Rachel Catherine Jobe. From what I’ve found, they moved from North Carolina to Indiana in 1807-1808. Because the Jobe family were Quakers (later converted to Methodist), and because they lived in the area of the Underground Railroad both in NC and later in Wayne County in Indiana…it’s likely that they were abolitionists – maybe even participants in the Underground Railroad. I found lots more info.

    Also – there is a whole book about the Stoehrs! It’s called American-German Pioneers in the American Colonies: Casper and Catherine Stoehr in the New World by Harold Hawthorne. It’s really just a collection of correspondence between researchers…but very helpful.

    1. I descend from Samuel Jobe Jr. and Rachel Call. Rachel Call was the daughter of Elizabeth Starr Call Lewis and Adam Call (I found guardianship records). Elizabeth Starr was the daughter of Casper Starr Sr.; although, some think she had died by the time of Casper’s will (1808) she and Lewis Little had moved to Wayne Co Indiana in 1807 along with Samuel and Rachel (Call) Jobe, John Starr and Rachel Jobe. Along with them and settling in the neighboring county of Pebble Co, OH where John Starr and Catherine Weitzel and family and their son Barnett Starr who had married Elizabeth Starr Call Lewis’ daughter Margaret Call.
      Although the Jobes had been Quakers early on it seems that Samuel Jobe’s grandfather Thomas Jobe and most of his family (all except John who stayed in Guilford Co.) had left the Quakers and joined the Methodist by the Revolution. The move to Indiana may have been related to their views on slavery; however, the Calls, Littles, and Starrs had all owned slaves.

  2. Related down line to Starr from my great great grandmother Nancy Starr -Pontius. Would love to know more about this line.

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