Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Your Middle Name

It’s Saturday, so it must be time for Randy Seaver’s weekly challenge on Genea-Musings. This week, we are to tell the story of how we got our middle name.

  1. My middle name is Anne. I have no idea why my parents gave me that name. I do know that they originally were going to name me Marie instead of Linda, but my mother never said how they picked my middle name. I suspect that Anne might be a more modern version (in my parents’ view) of the name Anna. Both of my mother’s grandmothers were named Anna and my father’s maternal grandmother was also named Anna. Perhaps it was a nod to them?
  2. Anna is actually quite a popular name on both sides of my family. The Slovak records only go back six generations from me to the early 1800s, but I have six Annas in my direct line of grandmothers on that side and thirteen Annas in my direct line on my mother’s side, going back ten generations to the mid 1600s.


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