Samuel Robertson’s & Elizabeth Harris’s Children and Grandchildren, Part 2

Here are the remaining grandchildren of Samuel Robertson and Elizabeth Harris, to finish the descendants begun on 15 March 2017:

Children of John Robertson and Nancy Cox, who married on 16 April 1816, Estill County, Kentucky, are:

  1. Lucinda, born c1817, Kentucky; died 12 November 1856, Jackson County, Missouri; married Nelson A. Warren, 4 June 1835, Jackson County, Missouri. Nelson was born 19 January 1812, New Jersey; died 3 May 1891, Jackson County, Missouri. Nelson married (2) Margaret A. Choate, 10 June 1860, Jackson County, Missouri. Margaret was born 12 June 1842, Virginia; died 11 November 1879, Jackson County, Missouri.
  2. Permelia (Ermela), born c1817, Kentucky; died 1850-1857, Andrew or Holt County, Missouri ; married Ethelbert R. Brown, 21 September 1837, Jackson County, Missouri. Ethelbert was born 4 November 1810, Giles County, Tennessee; died 13 January 1880, Andrews County, Missouri. Ethelbert married (2) Mary E. Tipton, c1856, Missouri. Mary was born c1825, Kentucky; died after 1880, probably Andrew County, Missouri.
  3. James, born c1830, Kentucky; died after 1850. No further record.
  4. Archibald, born March 1832, Kentucky; died after 1900, probably Jackson County, Missouri; married Malinda Jane Baker, 11 March 1869, Linn County, Missouri. Malinda was born March 1852, Missouri; died after 1900, probably Jackson county, Missouri. In 1860, a man matching his age and born in Kentucky was an inmate in the Missouri State Penitentiary.
  5. Samuel J., born 16 December 1833, Jackson County, Missouri; died 9 April 1914, Jackson County, Missouri; married Judith Barnhill, 11 January 1859, Jackson County, Missouri. Judith was born 8 August 1842, Ray County, Missouri; died 3 April 1917, Jackson County, Missouri.
  6. George, born 19 December 1835, Missouri; died 22 July 1882, Jackson County, Missouri; married Julia (Jones) Smith, 14 October 1869, Jackson County, Missouri. Julia was born c1846, Virginia; died 1 March 1911, Jackson County, Missouri, where she lived with her daughter’s family.
  7. Elizabeth, born 6 April 1838, Jackson County, Missouri; died 9 April 1913, Jackson County, Missouri; married Washington Perry Gibson, 21 December 1852, Jackson County, Missouri. Wash was born 10 August 1825, Kentucky; died 22 May 1899, Jackson County, Missouri.
  8. Octavius, born c1840, Missouri; died 18 October 1927, Cherokee County, Kansas; married Louisa (Eliza) Jane, 11 November 1869, Jackson County, Missouri. Eliza was born 31 March 1847, Missouri; died 7 January 1933, Cherokee County, Kansas.

Children of James Robertson and Nancy Wheeler, who married on 24 July 1817, Madison County, Kentucky, are:

NOTE: He is probably the James Robinson who married (1) Fanny Hubbard, 21 April 1814, Estill County, Kentucky. I suspect that Fanny died soon, perhaps giving birth to her first child. James married (3) Susan, perhaps the widow of Mr. Ford. Susan was born 8 January 1802, Kentucky; died 14 October 1885, Shelby County, Indiana. She and James appeared to have no children of their own together.

  1. Samuel, born 11 November 1820, Madison County, Kentucky; died 9 August 1846, Shelby County, Indiana; married Rebecca Montgomery, 20 October 1842, Shelby County, Indiana. Rebecca was born c1829, Indiana; died 9 September 1897, Shelby County, Indiana. She married (2) William Ford, 12 October 1848, Shelby County, Indiana, as his second wife. William was born 17 August 1805, Kentucky; died 26 May 1857, Shelby County, Indiana. Samuel and Rebecca had two children – Nancy, born c1844 and Samuel, born c1846.
  2. John W., born 21 November 1821, Madison County, Kentucky; died 15 February 1896, Shelby County, Indiana; unmarried.
  3. Thomas Wheeler, born 16 December 1826, Shelby County, Indiana; died 6 March 1888, Orange County, California; married (1) Clarinda Howard, 28 February 1849, Mahaska County, Iowa. Clarinda was born c1828, Kentucky; died 19 January 1856, Mahaska County, Iowa. (2) Keziah (Shelby) Collier, c1859, Tulare County, California. She was born c1831, Schuyler County, Illinois; died 25 July 1906, Orange County, California.
  4. Mary, born 19 February 1828, Shelby County, Indiana; died 8 March 1904, Shelby County, Indiana; married Thomas C. McCabe, 4 May 1847, Shelby County, Indiana. Thomas was born c1828, Indiana; died 7 September 1895, Shelby County, Indiana.

Children of Martha Robertson and William Moberly, who married 24 December 1818, Madison County, Kentucky, are:

 NOTE: David Robertson was guardian to Thomas, William and Clifton. The estate was settled in May 1833.

  1. Clifton, born c1820, Madison County, Kentucky; died after 1880, probably Clay County, Kentucky; married Sarah, perhaps Bishop or Burns, c1840, possibly Pulaski County, Kentucky. She was born c1819, Kentucky; died 24 April 1898, Pulaski County, Kentucky.
  2. Thomas, 20 January 1821, Madison County, Kentucky; died 11 October 1908, Shelby County, Indiana; married Julila Barnes, 17 February 1842, Shelby County, Indiana. Julila was born c1825, Kentucky; died 17 June 1901, Shelby County, Indiana.
  3. William, born c1823, Madison County, Kentucky; died after May 1833, but there are several William Moberlys born in Kentucky living in 1850 and there isn’t enough information to determine if one of them is him.

Children of Alexander Robertson and Nancy Grisham, who married on 15 August 1817, Estill County, Kentucky, are:

  1. James E., born 20 January 1819, Madison County, Kentucky; died 17 October 1912, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana; married (1) Eliza Thompson, 3 September 1840, Shelby County, Indiana. Eliza was born c1823, Indiana; died June 1851, Shelby County, Indiana. (2) Susan Williams Gwin, before 1860. Susan was born c1823, Virginia; died 9 November 1893, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.
  2. Sidney, born 27 January 1821, Madison County, Kentucky; died 20 February 1908, Shelby County, Indiana; married Nancy Fisher, 26 December 1839, Shelby County, Indiana. Nancy was born June 1821, Kentucky; died 10 February 1907, Shelby County, Indiana.
  3. David, born 4 _____ 1824, Madison County, Kentucky; no marriage record found for him and not found in 1850.
  4. Fountain G., born 9 August 1825, Madison County, Kentucky; died March 1876, Shelby County, Indiana; married Reheresina Chew, 19 February 1846, Shelby County, Indiana. Reheresina was born c1827, Virginia; died 31 July 1894, Shelby County, Indiana. Yes, Reheresina is the name on her death certificate.
  5. John, born c1828, Madison County, Kentucky; died before 1860, when Gabriella is living with her parents and four Robertson children in Clark County, Illinois; married Gabriella Stafford, 7 March 1850, Shelby County, Indiana. Gabriella and the children aren’t found after 1860.
  6. Josephine, born 5 April 1830, probably Indiana; died 21 March 1912, Shelby County, Indiana; married David (James in marriage record) Louden, 6 April 1847, Shelby County, Indiana. David was born 1 December 1826, Kentucky; died 2 January 1894, Shelby County, Indiana.
  7. Harvey, born c1832, Shelby County, Indiana; died 22 May 1890, Shelby County, Indiana; married Mary A. Palmerton, 30 November 1856, Shelby County, Indiana. Mary was born 26 November 18238, Shelby County, Indiana; died 16 November 1919, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.
  8. Lydia Jane, born 4 November 1834, Shelby County, Indiana; died 18 August 1866, Shelby County, Indiana; married Amer Gibbons, 10 June 1860, Shelby County, Indiana. Amer was born c1834, Indiana; died 22 August 1866, Shelby County, Indiana, only four days after his wife, likely in an epidemic. They had one son, Daniel, who died as a toddler in 1863, so there are no descendants in this line.

Children of Henrietta Robertson and Kimble Edgeman Midkiff, who married on 4 February 1819 in Estill County, Kentucky, are:

NOTE: Henrietta died between 28 October 1828, when the heirs of Samuel Robertson filed a land deed, and 31 May 1829, when her husband remarried.

  1. Mary, born c1821, Kentucky; died after 1880, probably Taylor County, Iowa; married Andrew R. Derrickson, 24 February 1842, Shelby County, Indiana. Andrew was born 7 January 1818, Ohio; died 27 April 1895, Taylor County, Iowa.
  2. Archibald, born 20 January 1822, Tennessee; died 22 December 1876, Shelby County, Indiana; unmarried.
  3. Samuel, born 8 April 1824, Tennessee; died 8 September 1907, Crawford County, Illinois; married Mary Jane Keck, 13 January 1848, Shelby County, Indiana. Mary Jane was born 27 October 1829, Virginia; died 4 May 1907, Crawford County, Illinois.
  4. Thomas, born c1821-1826, Kentucky; died 1860-1870; married Mary Mullen, 30 October 1859, Shelby County, Indiana. Mary was born c1836, Indiana; died after 1880, possibly Shelby County, Indiana.
  5. Elizabeth, born 7 June 1827, Tennessee; died 28 February 1898, Taylor County, Iowa; married John Brown Larrison, 4 March 1847, Shelby County, Indiana. John was born 11 January 1823, Ohio; died 26 September 1891, Taylor County, Iowa.
  6. Caroline Matilda, born c1829, Indiana; died 8 February 1894, Shelby County, Indiana; married (1) John Cotton, 12 September 1847, Shelby County, Indiana. John was born c1820, Ohio; death date unknown. This couple may have divorced and he may be the man who died in 1893 in Marshall County, Iowa. (2) John William Yager, 9 March 1864, Shelby County, Indiana. John was born c1819, Kentucky; died 16 February 1877, Shelby County, Indiana.

There you have it – the good, the bad and the ugly, documented facts alongside of wishful thinking. At least, it is all in one place like the Baker data, which will make further research a lot easier. The next person won’t have to look in a zillion different places trying to collect it all.

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