Grandchildren of George Washington Baker & Esther Robertson

There is a lot of information out there on the descendants of George and Esther, but what is in one place has not been updated since about 1980 and what has been updated is in bits and pieces all over the place.

This post has pulled it all together in one place so that more research can be done by family members in an organized fashion.

To recap, George W. and Esther Baker had at least twelve children. However, several of them can’t be found in marriage records or in 1850 or later, so the grandchildren are included only for those whose parents can be found. That leaves the future possibility of finding a few more.

Note: The Baker child and his/her spouse are in bold italics and they are listed in birth order of the Bakers.

Elizabeth Baker and Michael Stufflebean had ten children:

  1. George Stufflebean, born about 1820, Estill County, Kentucky; George married (1) Esther Baker, 1 November 1849, Linn County, Missouri and (2) Nancy Jane Baker on 2 June 1863, Linn County, Missouri. He died on 24 May 1896, Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas.
  2. John Stufflebean, born 30 June 1821, Estill County, Kentucky. John married (1) Gulielma Beals on 25 December 1845, Linn County, Missouri and (2) Matilda Jane Peavler, 9 June 1853 in Sullivan County, Missouri.  He died on 10 June 1864 in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee during the Civil War. This is my husband’s direct line.
  3. Michael Stufflebean, born about 1823, Estill County, Kentucky; Michael married Margaret Murphy, on 15 March 1865, Linn County, Missouri. He died 20 April 1873 in Sullivan County, Missouri.
  4. Elizabeth Stufflebean, born about 1823 (I don’t know if she and Michael were twins or if their ages were off in census records), Estill County, Kentucky. Elizabeth married William T. Clark about 1839. She died in 1863 in Sullivan County, Missouri.
  5. Samuel Stufflebean, born 9 April 1825, Estill County, Kentucky. He married Maria Beals on 24 December 1844 in Linn County, Missouri. Samuel died on 12 October 1880 in North Salem, Linn County, Missouri.
  6. Hiram Stufflebean, born 2 July 1827, Estill County, Kentucky. Hiram married Susan Baker on 2 January 1849 in Linn County, MIssouri. He died on 24 February 1910 in Linn County, Missouri.
  7. Susan Stufflebean, born about 1830 in Morgan County, Indiana. Susan married Reuben McCollum on 4 December 1852 in Linn County, Missouri. She died after 1900, probably in Sullivan County, Missouri.
  8. James Stufflebean, born 11 February 1832, Morgan County, Indiana. James married America Pulliam on 16 March 1850 in Linn County, Missouri. He died 21 April 1915, in Linn County, Missouri.
  9. William Henry Stufflebean, born about 1836 in Morgan County, Indiana. He died 18 September 1858 in Linn County, Missouri; unmarried.
  10. Rachel Jane Stufflebean, born July 1844, probably in Linn County, Missouri. Rachel married (1) Isaac Peavler about 1861, probably in Sullivan County, Missouri and (2) Henry Smith on 8 January 1867 in Linn County, Missouri. She died on 19 February 1916, Linn County, Missouri.

Samuel Baker and Rachel Davidson had thirteen children:

  1. Mary Emily, born 24 November 1828, Morgan County, Indiana; died 26 October 1866, Cole County, Missouri; reportedly married Balaam Baker, probably in Missouri, but no record found. He also died in 1866 in Cole County, Missouri.
  2. Elizabeth, born 17 May 1832, Morgan County, Indiana; died 18 February 1908, Montgomery County, Iowa; married Isaac Newton Poston. c1851. They likely married in Page County, Iowa, where marriage records don’t begin until 1866. He was born c1824, Tennessee; died 27 June 1907, Montgomery County, Iowa.
  3. Andrew Jackson, born c1833, Indiana; died 1912, Seattle, King County, Washington; married (1) Joanna Means, 4 February 1858, Montgomery County, Iowa. Joanna was born c1838, Missouri; died 4 October 1873, Montgomery County, Iowa. (2) Margaretta Wells Boatman.
  4. James Davidson, born 7 November 1835, Morgan County, Indiana; died 1 September 1894, Montgomery County, Iowa; married Rachel Russell, 22 June 1865, Montgomery County, Iowa. Rachel was born 26 August 1844, Ohio; died 21 February 1925, Montgomery County, Iowa. She married (2) George Hunter, who died in 1907.
  5. Susan Caroline, born 16 December 1836, Indiana; died 7 May 1873, Montgomery County, Iowa; married John Gourley, 25 November 1858, Montgomery County, Iowa. John was born 30 April 1831, Pennsylvania; died 13 April 1913, Natrona County, Wyoming.
  6. Martha Jane, born 1 December 1839, Morgan County, Indiana; died 23 February 1927, Anacortes, Skagit County, Washington; married Samuel Caldwell Dunn, 28 October 1858, Montgomery County, Iowa. Samuel was born 23 June 1822, Ohio; died 6 March 1905, Montgomery County, Iowa.
  7. Missouri, born 17 December 1841, Pulaski County, Missouri; died 18 September 1913, St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri; married Charles H. Thayer, 13 November 1862, Montgomery County, Iowa. Charles was born 1832, Ohio; died 1900, Missouri.
  8. Daniel W., born c1842, Pulaski County, Missouri; died between 1860 and his father’s will in 1875, as he is not mentioned. He apparently did not marry and did not have children.
  9. Rachel, born 2 May 1844, Pulaski County, Missouri; died 13 May 1872, Montgomery County, Iowa; married William F. Thayer, 22 June 1865, Montgomery County, Iowa. William was born 1835, Ohio; died 18 April 1890, Holt County, Missouri.
  10. Margaret Esther, born 3 May 1847, Pulaski County, Missouri; died 26 November 1926, Phillips County, Kansas; married John Henry Russell, 3 September 1866, Montgomery County, Iowa. John was born 4 March 1847, Ohio; died 2 April 1891, Phillips County, Kansas.
  11. Samuel William, born August 1850, Pulaski County, Missouri (3 months old in the November 1850 census); died 1 August 1931, Lancaster County, Nebraska; married Mary Elizabeth Mitchell, c1868, probably in Page County, Iowa. Mary was born 18 December 1850, Indiana; died 2 July 1936, Lancaster County, Nebraska.
  12. Sarah Emily Catherine, born 31 July 1853, Montgomery County, Iowa; died 22 August 1910, Pomona, Los Angeles County, California, but buried at Seattle, Kings County, Washington; married William L. Stanley, 7 December 1869, Montgomery County, Iowa. William was born c1839, Ireland; died in Pomona, Los Angeles, California before 10 February 1918, when his obituary was published in Seattle, but buried at Seattle, Kings County, Washington.
  13. Laura Rachel, born 23 January 1856, Montgomery County, Iowa; died 31 January 1923, Dundy County, Nebraska; married (1) Francis William Acton, 4 February 1872, Montgomery County, Iowa. They apparently divorced before 1879, but had two sons, Charles Albert Acton, born c1872 and Samuel, born c1875. They lived in Adams County, Iowa in 1880, where Laura is listed as widowed and she was working as a servant. (2) John Gourley, widower of her sister, Susan Caroline, on 23 December 1886, Adams County, Iowa. John was born 30 April 1831, Pennsylvania; died 13 April 1913, Natrona County, Wyoming.

Susannah Baker and William McCollum had four children:

  1. Rachel McCollum, born c1827, Kentucky; died September 1869 during a typhoid epidemic, Owsley County, Kentucky; married Elisha Thomas, 4 May 1844, Platte County, Missouri. Elisha was born c1816, Kentucky; died 1884, Owsley County, Kentucky.
  2. David McCollum, born 28 October 1829, Morgan County, Indiana; died 10 July 1886, Colusa County, California; married Sarah Jane Baker, 15 December 1850, Linn County, Missouri. She was born c1835, Morgan County, Indiana; died 28 April 1899, Sacramento, Sacramento County, California.
  3. Martha McCollum, born 7 January 1832, Morgan County, Indiana; died 3 January 1888, Brush Prairie, Clark County, Washington; married William Baker, 5 September 1847, Linn County, Missouri. William was born c1827, Morgan County, Indiana; died after 1910, probably Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon.
  4. Elizabeth, born c1833, Morgan County, Indiana; died 1879, Clark County, Washington; married Rufus T. Carpenter, 27 April 1848, Linn County, Missouri. Rufus was born c1828, Missouri; died December 1869, Sullivan County, Missouri.

Jane Baker and William Baker had at least nine children, born by 1840, and apparently eleven by the time they died, but I don’t know who any of them are (by proof) and I have no idea whose child William Baker was.

  1. Son, born 1826-1830
  2. Son, born 1826-1830
  3. Daughter, born 1826-1830
  4. Daughter, born 1831-1835
  5. Daughter, born 1831-1835
  6. Daughter, born 1831-1835
  7. Son, born 1836-1840
  8. Son, born 1836-1840
  9. Son, born 1836-1840

The family lived in Linn County, Missouri in 1840 and both parents likely died of cholera in 1846.

However, online posted by others, I have found:

  1. Samuel, born c1827, Clay County, Kentucky; died 24 October 1897, Sullivan County, Missouri; married (1) Charlotte Lemon, 10 April 1852, Linn County, Missouri. Charlotte was born 1 August 1833, Indiana; died  22 April 1863, Sullivan County, Missouri. (2) Elizabeth Morris, 11 February 1864, Sullivan County, Missouri. Elizabeth was born June 1836, Iowa; died 4 March 1904, Sullivan County, Missouri.
  2. Male – no further information
  3. Rachel Elizabeth, born 30 March 1830, Indiana; died 15 April 1858, Linn County, Missouri; married Henderson Caney McCollum, 31 December 1847, Linn County, Missouri. She died in childbirth and the baby, Isaac Z., also died. Henderson was born 20 February 1830, Clay County, Kentucky; died 27 October 1897, Linn County, Missouri.
  4. Esther, born 14 February 1832, Morgan County, Indiana; died 8 June 1903, Linn County, Missouri; married Morris Baker, 7 November 1847, Linn County, Missouri. Morris was born c1827, Indiana; died 13 October 1911, Oklahoma, but buried in Linn County, Missouri.
  5. Nancy, born c1830, Morgan County, Indiana; died c1865; married James A. Baker, 25 October 1849, Linn County, Missouri. James was born c1831, Indiana; died 26 January 1919, Canadian County, Oklahoma. James married (2) Catherine Bull, 11 June 1865, Linn County, Missouri. Catherine was the widow of Nancy’s brother, Bolin Baker.  (3) Rebecca Abercrombie, 29 March 1876, Sullivan County, Missouri.
  6. Susannah, born c1835, Chariton County, Missouri; died 28 May 1910, Clark County, Washington; married George W. Baker, 12 September 1852, Linn County, Missouri. George was born c1834, Morgan County, Indiana; died 7 September 1928, Clark County, Washington.
  7. Bolin B., born 1 February 1837, Chariton County, Missouri; died 24 December 1861, Linn County, Missouri; married Catharine Bull, 25 June 1856, Linn County, Missouri. Catharine was born c1838, Probably Clay County, Kentucky; died 1870-1880, Linn County, Missouri. She married (2) James A. Baker, 11 June 1865, Linn County, Missouri.
  8. James Robertson (Robinson), born c1839, Chariton County, Missouri; died 11 May 1925, Sullivan County, Missouri; married Mary Catherine Guffey, 8 July 1866, Linn County, Missouri. Mary was born c1843; died 1931, Sullivan County, Missouri.
  9. John, born c1840, Missouri; died after 1850, when he and his younger siblings were living with a Baker aunt and uncle in Linn County, Missouri.
  10. Lafayette, born c1842, Missouri; died 20 August 1893, Clark County, Washington; married Elsie McCollum, 10 May 1864, Linn County, Missouri. She was born 25 June 1846, Missouri; died 9 October 1927, Clark County, Washington.
  11. William Jasper, born 5 September 1843, Linn County, Missouri; died after 1900 when the family lived in Clay County, Arkansas; married Margaret Bull, 2 April 1863, Linn County, Missouri. Margaret was born in February 1844, Kentucky; died after 1900.

The Bakers were a prolific clan. I’ve only covered children of George and Esther’s four eldest children and I’ve already found 38 grandchildren. We will take a look at the next four children in tomorrow’s post.


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