Grandchildren of George Washington Baker & Esther Robertson, Part 3

Okay, if you have survived all the Baker intermarrying so far, we only have four more children to cover as I identify the grandchildren of George and Esther Baker.

I have to admit that these Baker blog posts have been painstakingly headachingly (Is that a word? Oh, well, it is now.) horrendous to compile. I am so glad I am not even trying to figure out who the spouse Bakers belonged to. I don’t think there is enough Advil in the market for me to do that!

Onward we go!

Martha Baker

Martha is an oddity. In the 1848 and 1849 probate records, it is noted that Martha was the “insane” daughter of George W. Baker, deceased, and that Balaam Baker was reimbursed for his expenses in caring for her.

Some claim that Martha went insane after her husband, George, died in the cholera epidemic of 1846.

I can find only two Balaam Bakers in 1850. The first is the one who was born in 1806 and married to Caroline Baker, living in Linn County, Missouri. They have no Martha anybody living with them. The second Balaam Baker is living in Pulaski County, is only 21 years old and living with his young wife and two toddlers.

The elder Balaam would be the logical man to be caring for Martha, so either there is a third Balaam who died before 1850 (yes, there is a Balaam Baker in probate records) who was her carer or else Martha herself was either cured of her insanity or married or died or had a new care giver.  I believe the first and last options are correct – Balaam died and she had a new caregiver.

Based on the birth years of her siblings, she probably was born 1814-1817 in Kentucky. The 1850 census has the family of George Baker, 30, with wife Mary, 26, and children: Boling, 13, Lafayette, 8, Sarah J., 4, Isabell, 4/12 and Martha Baker, aged 33. The adults are all born in Kentucky, while all the children were born in Missouri.

Martha had a brother, George, who I have as born c1820, which fits this George. I find no marriages in either Indiana or Missouri for Martha Baker to a George Baker. I don’t believe this Martha was married at any time before the 1850 census.

George Baker’s 1860 household doesn’t include Martha Baker and I haven’t found her elsewhere either. She might have died by then.

However, I don’t believe she ever married and I don’t believe she had children, so this line ends with her.

George Robinson (Robertson?) and Mary (McCollum) Baker’s children:

We have again a bit of a sticky wicket, as the 1850 census shows children: Boling, 13, Lafayette, 8, Sarah J., 4, William, 2. and Isabell, newborn at 0/12. George and Mary are only 30 and 26, so not old enough to be Boling’s parents and I don’t think they were the parents of Lafayette either since they didn’t marry until 15 December 1842. I think those were orphaned relatives they took in, along with Mary.

Census and gravestone records provide evidence of their own children, but this family had a lot of sadness and heartache.

  1. Infant, born c1844, no dates on stone, but this is the only place for a lost child, unless one died c1864, which is also possible.
  2. Sarah Jane, born c1846, Linn County, Missouri; died 1880-1900, Linn County, Missouri; married James Baker, 1 January 1862, Linn County, Missouri. James was born March 1842, Missouri; died 1 April 1926, probably Linn County, Missouri. James married (2) Almeda Peavler, c1895, probably Linn County, Missouri. She was born 1872; died 1962.
  3. William W., born 1848, Linn County, Missouri; died 18 August 1852, Linn County, Missouri
  4. Isabelle, born 4 February 1850, Linn County, Missouri; died 16 August 1851, Linn County, Missouri
  5. Esther, born 5 November 1853, Linn County, Missouri; died 20 April 1862, Linn County, Missouri
  6. Elizabeth, born c1854, Linn County, Missouri; married Commodore Perry White, 14 August 1871, Linn County, Missouri. They married in her father’s home. I don’t know how many Commodore Perry Whites there were running around at the time, but if this is the same man, then Elizabeth probably died giving birth to a first child as Commodore Perry White married Sarah J. Hains, 9 April 1873, Calhoun County, Illinois. This man was born c1854, Illinois and died in 1938 in Los Angeles County, California. He also likely married at least one other time, perhaps even two. An Elizabeth White, born 17 December 1853; died 11 June 1872 and wife of C.P. White is buried at the Stephen McCollum Cemetery in Linn County, Missouri.
  7. David, born c1856, Linn County, Missouri; died after the 1870 census, when he was at home with parents. No further record. There is a David Baker enumerated in 1880 in Clark County, Washington, where other Baker relatives migrated. The age is off a bit – born 1851, but born in Missouri with parents born in Indiana. The three children, Dora, Flora and Morris, were born in Washington. With a son named Morris, I suspect this might be the right man. The family isn’t found after 1880. Wife was “Carah,” born c1852, Missouri.
  8. Nancy, born 4 April 1858, Linn County, Missouri; died 19 August 1859, Linn County, Missouri.
  9. James M., born c1860, Linn County, Missouri; died after 1880, when he was at home. No further record.
  10. Lafayette, born c1862, Linn County, Missouri; died after 1880 when he was at home with parents. No further record. Not buried with parents in Linn County.
  11. Martha A., born c1865, Linn County, Missouri; died after 1880 when she was home with parents. No further record. Not buried with parents in Linn County.

Esther Baker and James Theodore (Jim Ted) Baker had these children:

The 1850 census includes children: Susan, born 1834, Missouri; James R., born 1838, Illinois and John, born 1840, Indiana. Given that Esther was born in 1820 and Jim Ted’s age is consistently two years younger than his wife, thus born 1822, they were just too young to be the parents of these children. Remember, Linn County was decimated by cholera in 1846 and 1848. Relatives took in many orphaned children.

  1. Louisa, born c1843, Linn County, Missouri; died 8 October 1887, Linn County, Missouri and is buried at Baker-Findley Cemetery, Linn County, Missouri; married Daniel McCollum, 12 March 1862, Linn County, Missouri. Daniel was born c1842, Missouri; died after 1900, when he still lived in Linn County, Missouri.
  2. Francis Marion, born c1846, Linn County, Missouri; died 26 March 1923, Linn County, Missouri;  married Mary Ann McCollum, 23 December 1865, Sullivan County, Missouri. Mary Ann was born 5 November 1843, Missouri; died 12 August 1910, Linn County, Missouri.
  3. Permelia Mary, born 19 March 1847, Linn County, Missouri; died 1 January 1879, Linn County, Missouri; married Samuel Washington Findley, 7 September 1865, Linn County, Missouri. Samuel was born 21 September 1843, Missouri; died 18 May 1919, Camden County, Missouri.
  4. Samirah, born 29 July 1849, Linn County, Missouri; died 2 December 1894, Linn County, Missouri; married David Hughes McCollum, 9 February 1869, Linn County, Missouri. David was born 26 May 1849, Missouri; died 26 March 1913, Linn County, Missouri.
  5. Jackson, born 17 September 1853, Linn County, Missouri; died 14 January 1876, Linn County, Missouri; unmarried.
  6. Lucinda, born 26 June 1855, Linn County, Missouri; died 21 December 1938, Linn County, Missouri; married (1) James Beck, between 1880-1887, when daughter Lulu was born. He abandoned her and the children.  (2) Hamilton Ward Yount, 20 February 1898, Linn County, Missouri. Hamilton was born 14 February 1845, Illinois; died 19 May 1936, Linn County, Missouri.
  7. Andrew Clint, born February 1860, Linn County, Missouri; died 22 January 1935, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon; married Winifred McCollum, 7 February 1894, Linn County, Missouri. She was born December 1876, Missouri; died 1910-1920, possibly in Washington.
  8. Rachel M., born 2 April 1862, Linn County, Missouri; died 18 March 1935, Linn County, Missouri; married Daniel Stufflebean, c1890, probably Linn County, Missouri. Daniel was born 13 December 1851, Linn County, Missouri; died 2 June 1934, Linn County, Missouri.

Last, but not least – yes, we have finally reached the last of the dozen children of George and Esther Baker – we have:

Robert Baker and Elizabeth Couch’s children:

  1. James Washington, born 13 February 1845, Ray County, Missouri; died 28 November 1923, Chariton County, Missouri; married Rachel Piatt, 12 October 1865, Sullivan County, Missouri. Rachel was born 1 May 1845, Illinois; died 30 August 1908, Chariton County, Missouri.
  2. George A., born c1847, Ray County, Missouri; died after 1860, when he was still at home with his parents. He is not the George Baker who married Mary Jane Peavler and Mary Ann Johnson, as Caroline Minor, mother of that George, is living with them in 1880. No further record of this George.
  3. Joseph Christopher, born 19 May 1850, Ray County, Missouri; died 12 February 1916, Linn County, Missouri; married Sarah Elizabeth Peavler, 1 September 1872, Linn County, Missouri. Sarah was born 7 January 1852/54, Kentucky; died 30 December 1933, Livingston County, Missouri.
  4. Margaret Esther, born 18 May 1852, Missouri; died 14 June 1925, Visalia, Tulare County, California; married Isaac Calvin Matney, 29 February 1872, Sullivan County, Missouri. Margaret is listed as divorced in 1880, Sullivan County, with two young Matney children while Isaac is enumerated as married, but living alone, in Wyandotte County, Kansas. In 1900, they are enumerated together in Wasco County, Oregon and listed as married for 28 years. Isaac was born January 1830, Virginia; died 18 February 1910, Wasco County, Oregon.
  5. Thomas Alvin, born 1 November 1854, Linn County, Missouri; died 26 February 1929, Adair County, Missouri; married Lucretia A. Coffman, 12 February 1880, Linn County, Missouri . Lucretia was born 9 September 1858, Linn County, Missouri; died 23 July 1938, Linn County, Missouri.
  6. Samuel Robinson, born 28 March 1857, Linn County, Missouri; died 2 December 1936, Linn County, Missouri; married Nancy Jane Pickerell, 7 September 1885, Sullivan County, Missouri. Nancy was born 31 July 1863, Sullivan County, Missouri; died 16 January 1926, Linn County, Missouri.
  7. Matilda E.,  born 19 August 1859, Linn County, Missouri; died 24 June 1930, Chariton County, Missouri; married Meredith Henry Arthur, 24 July 1876, Linn County, Missouri. Henry was born 27 March 1859, Indiana; died 24 June 1917, Chariton County, Missouri.
  8. Robert A., born 16 March 1861/62, Linn County, Missouri; died 13 October 1938, Linn County, Missouri; married Nancy J. Stufflebean, 9 April 1882, Linn County, Missouri. Nancy was born 9 November 1861, Linn County, Missouri; died 30 November 1918, Linn County, Missouri.
  9. Charles, born c1869, Linn County, Missouri; died after 1880, when he was at home with his parents. He has a cousin, Charles, son of Samuel and Elizabeth Baker, who was two years younger and died on 16 May 1915 in Linn County. No further record found for him.

I am exhausted, but we have finally reached the last of the known grandchildren of George W. and Esther (Robertson) Baker. If you are wondering how many known grandchildren there are – the total is 93!

If you are a descendant and can add documented information to what I have already compiled, please contact me. I haven’t seen this complete a listing of their grandkids anywhere else, but I would still love to clean up some of the question marks in these families.

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  1. This is actually my second comment for the day. I am a Baker/Stufflebean/Coffman/Baker descendant. I have an open family tree on if its of any interest to you. I completely agree about the headachey feeling you get trying to figure out if your cousin is also your aunt/uncle or both.

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