Grandchildren of George Washington Baker & Esther Robertson, Part 2

Yesterday, we looked at the 38 grandchildren of George and Esther Baker through their first four children, Elizabeth, Samuel, Susannah and Jane.

Today, we’ll continue with grandchildren through John R., Caroline, Nancy and Andrew Jackson.

John R. and Susannah (Baker) Baker’s children:

This family presents several issues to correctly identify. First, John married in Morgan County, Indiana, moved to Linn County, Missouri by 1850, went on to Denton County, Texas in 1860 and landed in Johnson County, Kansas in 1870. By that time, most of this family had disappeared. John and Jane aren’t found after 1870, either. We also have more of the same-name-game issue, as with daughter Esther. To top it off, Susannah died by 1860 when John is married to Jane, born in Tennessee. He is still with Jane in 1870, but she is vastly younger, although still born in Tennessee so I’m not sure if her age is wrong or he had two wives, both named Jane and born in Tennessee. No marriage record has been found for John R. Baker to a Jane. It appears that the first Jane might have been married to a Smith since Mary Smith, aged 6, is in the 1860 household. Also, depending on the accuracy of Esther’s age in the 1850 census, there might be one more daughter born 1826-1830, based on the 1830 census of Morgan County, Indiana, who either died young or was married and out of the house by 1850.

The first nine children are definitely Susannah’s children. Robert may be Susannah’s last child because when Jane appears in 1860, Mary Smith, aged 6 is also there and there are no children younger than Mary in the home.

Melinda would be the daughter of his later wife, Jane.

The bottom line is if anyone can do a better job documenting this family, PLEASE contact me.

  1. Daughter, born 1826-1830; died after 1840
  2. Esther, born c1831, Morgan County, Indiana; she is not the Esther who married William Moore in Linn County, Missouri on 31 December 1859 because the 1860 census shows that Esther to only be 17 years old. The other two Esther Bakers in Linn County both married before 1850. No Esther Baker marriage has been found in Texas, where the family lived in 1860.
  3. George, born c1834, Morgan County, Indiana. There is a George W. Baker who married Susan Baker (yes, another Baker marriage) on 12 September 1852, Linn County, Missouri,  living in Clark County, Washington in 1870. Both Georges were born c1834 in Indiana so they might be the same man. The George in Washington died in 1928 and his gravestone has the following inscription: Cpl. Co., K 7 MO. Cav. Civ. War. Susan died in 1910 and is buried by him.
  4. Ailey, born c1837, Morgan County, Indiana; died after 1850 census; no further record found.
  5. Samuel, born c1839, Morgan County, Indiana; died after 1850; no further record of him after that time.
  6. Daniel Boone, born c1841, Linn County, Missouri. He is likely the Daniel Baker who married Nancy McCollum on 17 June 1863 in Linn County, Missouri. This family also appears in Clark County, Washington in 1870. Daniel might have migrated there with his brother, George. Daniel in Washington died on 24 September 1914 and is buried in Vancouver. Nancy was born July 1843, Missouri; died 10 October 1922, Clark County, Washington and is buried with Daniel.
  7. Henry Clay, born c1844, Linn County, Missouri; died after 1860, when the family lived in Denton County, Texas. No further record found.
  8. Oliver Hazard Perry, born c1846, Linn County, Missouri. There is an O.H. Baker living in Eagle County, Colorado, unmarried in 1910. He was born c1846 in Missouri with a father born in Indiana and could be this Oliver. If so, he appears to never have married and had no children. He isn’t living with family in 1910.
  9. Elijah, born 4 October 1847, Linn County, Missouri; died 8 September 1920, Jackson County, Missouri; married Martha Catherine Beagle, c1870, probably Jackson County, Missouri. Martha was born 20 December 1850, Jackson County, Missouri; died 26 October 1942, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri. Elijah is the only child for whom I’ve found a death certificate. His parents are named as John and Susan Baker.
  10. Robert, born c1857, Linn County, Missouri; died after 1870 when the family lived in Johnson County, Kansas. No further record.
  11. Melinda, born c1861, Missouri; died after 1870. No further record.

Caroline Baker and Balaam M. Baker’s children:

Balaam Baker died before October 1868 and Caroline married (2) William Minor, before 1870. No children lived with them in 1870.

In 1860, there are several children living with the family who I believe are orphaned Baker children of relatives – Phebe, Isaac, Benjamin and Sarah, not living with them in 1850.

  1. Daughter, born 1826-1830, probably Kentucky
  2. Son, born 1826-1830, probably Kentucky
  3. James, born c1831, Indiana; died before 24 September 1862, when his wife applied for a widow’s military pension; married Nancy Jane Thomas, 17 October 1850, Linn County, Missouri. Nancy was born 9 January 1836, Kentucky; died 5 January 1918, Jackson County, Missouri. She married (2) George Stufflebean, before 1870.
  4. Elizabeth, born 22 December 1833, Brown County, Indiana; died 4 March 1918, Linn County, Missouri, per her death certificate. She apparently married John Marshall, c1859, but no marriage record has been found. John was born c1837, Ohio; died after the 1910 census, but there is no death certificate for him.
  5. William, born c1838, Indiana; died after 1850. No further record.
  6. Nancy E., born c1840, Indiana; died after 1850. No further record.

Nancy Baker and David W. Nance’s Children:

  1. Caroline, born 21 January 1832, Morgan County, Indiana; died after 1880, possibly Antelope or Boone County, Nebraska; married Alfred Caswell, c1866. Alfred was born c1820, Illinois; died after 1900, possibly Antelope or Boone County, Nebraska.
  2. Esther, born September 1833, Indiana; died 10 November 1903, Sullivan County, Missouri; married James Allen Carmack, c1853. James was born c1824, Indiana; died 29 April 1896, Sullivan County, Missouri.
  3. Angeline, born c1838, Indiana; married John A. Head, 26 June 1856, Linn County, Missouri. John was born c1825, Tennessee; died 1880-1900, probably Linn County, Missouri.
  4. Jane, born c1845, Missouri; not at home with parents in Sullivan County, Missouri in 1860. No further record.
  5. Fredrick, born c1849, probably Sullivan County, Missouri; at home in 1860, but not found after that. An 18 year old Fredrick Nance enlisted in the Union Army in 1864. This may be him and he may have died during the war.

Andrew Jackson Baker and Ailey Baker’s children:

There are research issues with this family, too, as they can’t be found in 1850 and Andrew died before 1860. I think he might be the A.J. Baker in the 1850-ish probate records and he may have died in the cholera epidemic like so many others. Ailey appears to have died between 1860 and 1870.

I have no proof of what happened to these children, but online information (which, yes, might be accurate and might not) give the following details:

  1. Rachel, born 5 April 1837, Morgan County, Indiana; died 9 April 1877, Linn County, Missouri; married William Morris McCollum, 8 February 1855, Linn County, Missouri. He was born 25 July 1835, Kentucky; died 10 January 1914, Linn County, Missouri.
  2. George W., born April 1839, Morgan County, Indiana; died 25 May 1902, Douglas County, Missouri; married Leonora Elizabeth Hunt, 15 May 1863, Livingston County, Missouri. Leonora was born 28 March 1846; died June 1906, Adams County, Oregon.
  3. James, born c1841, Linn County, Missouri; died after 1860. His name is too common and I can’t connect him to any of the 1870 James Bakers. He reportedly married Jane McCollum in 1862 and died in 1914, but I can’t find proof of that.
  4. William, born 18 October 1844, Linn County, Missouri; died 9 April 1918, Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California; married Charlotte Carpenter, 10 January 1866, Sullivan County, Missouri. Charlotte was born 16 April 1849, Sullivan County, Missouri; died 22 September 1919, Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California.
  5. Morris Allen, born 2 September 1847, Linn County, Missouri; died 17 July 1942, Pendleton, Umatilla County, Oregon; married Havannah McCollum, 18 October 1868, Linn County, Missouri. Havannah was born 22 April 1852, Missouri; died 11 January 1926, Umatilla County, Oregon.

Here ends the grandchildren of George W. Baker and his wife, Esther born to their middle four children. So far, the tally is 65 known grandchildren.

Those born to their four youngest children will be posted tomorrow.

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