RootsTech 2017 Vendors – Part 2

On Monday, I shared information about some of the new companies I encountered in the Expo Hall. Based on my previous years’ lists of around 20 spotlighted vendors, I’d say there were not quite as many new companies in the hall this year.

DISCLAIMER: I have received no products, services or other compensation from any company in return for inclusion in this post. Further, the point of this post is to allow you to access more information from these companies if their products/services appeal to you. This post is NOT a recommendation from me to buy or use their products/services.

Here is the second half of my list, continued in ABC order:

larsen digital is a photo, video and film conversion service that has been in business since 1995 and they have excellent reviews.

Larsen digital doesn’t outsource any of their work and their website states that they have worked with agencies like NASA! If you are thinking of digitizing your genealogical treasures, this company looks like one to check out. I didn’t ask anything about pricing – I will leave that to you!

Life Posts provides users the ability to “create beautiful online memorials, celebration websites or tribute biographies.”

It is a collaborative story-telling platform through which text, videos, audio, and social media posts can be share. The booth was not manned when I stopped by, but the Life Posts website says, as of 2016, “Right now it’s free to build a LifePost. Some time in 2016 we will start charging for parts of the site – but any LifePost created before then will be free forever. We also offer a Premium Service if you’d like us to help build your LifePost.

Restore.TV offers video transfer and photo scanning services, but the booth was filled with beautiful examples of photo restorations. not only restores faded photos, they create repaired photos from creased and torn originals. They even displayed one example where part of a young boy’s face (including his profile nose) was missing and, using the small surviving bit of image, a new, complete photo was digitally created.

Last, but not least, is Shotbox, which has been around for several years now, but is a terrific genealogical product.

Their product is a collapsible photo light box designed to work with smartphones.

Visit their website for pricing, as there is a deluxe bundle, along with a regular bundle and various pieces.

That is it for the vendor news found during my RootsTech 2017 visit. Hope you enjoyed the tour and learned something about up-and-coming products.


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