Happy Valentine’s Day

There is something quite charming about vintage greeting cards that is sorely lacking today.

When I was all of eleven months old, I “gave” this cute little card to Nana (aka Julia Sabo) on Valentine’s Day 1953. I am sure that a huge box of chocolate candy went with it because Nana loved chocolates and Dad always presented her with one of those gorgeous fancy boxes.

To Nana

It isn’t evident from these scans because of the white background, but the card is a cut out in the shape of the cat.

From the price code on the back, it looks like this card cost a dime.

“From Lindy ’53”

I was often called Lindy by my dad in the years before I started kindergarten so that is how the card was signed.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017 and don’t eat too much chocolate. 🙂

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