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What does Monday of RootsTech week look like? Well, here’s a summary of my day.

Up early – 6:30, which is my usual time. I had a good breakfast, as the brain needs nutrients to function well in an intense setting. 🙂

The convention center is still very quiet, as RootsTech 2017 doesn’t officially open until Wednesday.

The weather isn’t going to be too cooperative this week, it doesn’t seem, as there is a 100% chance of rain most days. However, I think the rain is a bit easier to deal with than the biting cold temperatures I experienced when I was here in December. I think the low were about 14 degrees.

The Family History Library had just opened its doors before we got there so we were able to walk right in.

Right inside the front door of the FHL, I took a quick look to see how the renovation of the first floor turned out.

The Grand Opening of the new Discovery Center, which is the “now” name for the first floor of the FHL is scheduled for this week. It looks spectacular!

I headed upstairs to the books and microfilms so I could get started on my list of 38 research people/families. The library isn’t terribly busy yet, but patrons will begin to fill up the seats as the week goes on.

I had to stop for a break, as Pat Richley-Erickson (DearMYRTLE) held her Monday morning hangout on the air live from the 3rd floor of the FHL – right where I happen to be.

I had a chance to say hi to Thomas MacEntee, who I spent all day with on Saturday at the Green Valley Genealogical Society seminar in Green Valley, Arizona. Thomas was the speaker for the day and presented four interesting talks to a maxed out audience of 100 (with some left on a waiting list.) If Thomas happens to come to your neighborhood to speak, I highly recommend attending in person.

The hangout ended at 11:30, but then it was time to head to the cafeteria in the church headquarters world office building. That cafeteria is one of the best kept secrets in town for lunch. Library patrons can pick up a guest pass in the library to eat there.

The food is cafeteria – buffet style, home style cooking and inexpensive. I’m a really picky eater and I love to eat there.

After lunch, it was back to the library for serious research. As expected, more people had appeared, but there was no problem finding a seat, accessing a computer or using a microfilm reader.

Monday is the “easiest” day of RootsTech week for me, as the FHL closes at 5:00 that day. That leaves time for a relaxing dinner and some serious retail therapy at City Creek Mall, which is beautiful.

It also leaves time in the evening to regroup, review my research list and get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow is a much longer day, as the library is open until 9:00 and the only breaks will be meals. Not to worry, though, that just toughens one up for RootsTech itself, which opens on Wednesday.

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