Samuel Coleman Bandy and Sidney Nelson

Today, we will take one more look at the Bandy family before taking a short break from them, since Andrew and Rebecca (Wooldridge) Bandy had seven other children which I’ve not yet visited!

However, since I started the George and Samuel Coleman Bandy twin analysis, it seems only right to share Samuel’s story now.

Samuel Coleman Bandy, usually known as Samuel, but occasionally found as Coleman Bandy, was named for his great grandfather, Samuel Coleman, who was the grandfather of his mother, Rebecca.

As already discussed in yesterday’s post, Samuel was born about 26 December, probably in 1817, and most likely in Botetourt County, Virginia, where his parents lived. He died on 2 December 1892 in Peoria County, Illinois and is buried there at Maple Ridge Cemetery. Samuel married Sidney Nelson, the widow of Mr. Hobble, on 6 August 1840 in Gallia County, Ohio.

Sidney hasn’t been found in 1840 and Samuel was likely still in his father’s household at the time the census taker came around.

The 1850 census shows the blended Hobble-Bandy household, although all children are listed as Bandy.

Given that Samuel is a fair number of years younger than Sidney, they married in 1840 and there is a large gap in the children’s ages between Jane and Samuel C., it is easy to determine which children are actually Hobbles: Lucretia, born c1834, Isaiah, born c1838, George, born c1839 (who might be a Bandy, based on 1860 census) and Jane, birth year in question when comparing to the 1860 census, but likely c1839-1840.

Children of Samuel and Sidney:

  1. George W., born 30 January 1842; died 22 June 1905, Peoria County, Illinois; married Mary Ann Kennedy, 12 October 1865, Peoria County, Illinois. Mary Ann was born 3 October 1846, Ohio; died 14 January 1937, Peoria County, Illinois. In 1900, Mary reported having given birth to 8 children, 5 surviving.
  2. Samuel Coleman, born 26 November 1844, Peoria County, Illinois; died 26 April 1916, Peoria County, Illinois; married Salina Walters, 19 September 1864, Peoria County, Illinois. She was born 13 September 1842; died 5 March 1919, Peoria County, Illinois. In 1900, Salina reported having given birth to 12 children, 8 surviving.
  3. Nancy, born c1845; not found after 1860 census.
  4. Andrew Jackson, born c1846; reportedly died 11 June 1864, New Orleans, Louisiana. He enlisted in Company E, 12th Illinois Cavalry on 4 November 1863 in Peoria and is not found in any other record after the 1860 census.
  5. Mahalia, born 11 May 1848; died 20 February 1860, Peoria County, Illinois, of scarlet fever. She is buried at Maple Ridge Cemetery, Peoria County, Illinois.
  6. Minerva, born 9 August 1852, Peoria County, Illinois; died 15 September 1929, Peoria County, Illinois; married Jonathan Petty, 6 May 1875, Peoria County, Illinois. He was born about 1853 in Illinois and died soon after he married, as she is widowed and back in her parents’ home in 1880. She never remarried and had no surviving children.
  7. Sarah Matilda, born 24 September 1855, Peoria County, Illinois; died 21 February 1934, Peoria County, Illinois; married Frank Leslie Fahnestock, c1881. He was born 5 May 1859; died 17 December 1903, Peoria County, Illinois. In 1900, Sarah reported having given birth to 7 children, 4 surviving.

There are many descendants out there from this family. If you are related, please leave a comment and if you have photos of any of these people, I would LOVE to see them. Thanks.

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