Descendants of Roger Williams – No! Not That One! Part 2

There were at least three Roger Williams living early in Virginia. The first was a Roger born no later than the late 1600s. He might or might not have been the father of Roger Williams, born perhaps about 1720 and who was the father of Roger Williams, born in 1749. This third Roger married Cassie Ann Blair and was the contemporary of Thomas and Matthias Williams.

Roger Sr. (the one born maybe about 1720) recorded a land deed in Cumberland County, Virginia on 26 April 1773 transferring 350 acres on the Ash River to Roger Jr., stating that he was “hereunto moving.”  It is likely that Roger Sr. had other children, but they have not been identified.

It seems strange that no other potential children have been identified for this man and absolutely no clues have been found as to the possible name of his wife.  Since Cumberland County was formed from Goochland, perhaps other children still lived there or moved back as they reached adulthood.

Another possibility is that Roger and Cassie Ann Blair removed to Bedford County in the 1790s to be closer to other relatives.  There were other Williams families already living there.  Perhaps some of them are actually unidentified children of Roger Sr.

This third Roger Williams was born 8 February 1749 and died by 21 July 1835, Bedford County, Virginia, when his will was probated. He married Cassie Ann Blair on 22 February 1775 in Amherst County, Virginia.  Cassie Ann was born 1750-1760 and died sometime after her husband.  Roger’s sons, Sam Allen and George W., the Nances and the Hudnalls migrated to Missouri, while daughter Susannah went to Tennessee.  As far as is known, Roger’s other children remained in Virginia.


  1. Nancy, born 4 January 1776; died June 1852, Montgomery County, Missouri; buried Nettle Cemetery, Montgomery County, Missouri; married (1) Archibald Nance, 10 March 1794, Bedford County, Virginia (2) William Hudnall, 24 Nov 1804, Bedford County, Virginia. William died 12 October 1844 in Bedford County.
  2. Thomas, born 22 June 1777; died before 23 November 1823 when probate began in Campbell County, Virginia; married Elizabeth Woodson, 13 December 1805 in Campbell County. She was the daughter of Anderson Woodson.
  3. Susannah, born 26 September 1779; died after 1860, when she lived in Maury County, Tennessee with son Peter’s family; married Charles Williams, 11 Apr 1797, Bedford County, Virginia.
  4. Sam Allen, born 2 March 1782; died 1859, Osage County, Missouri; married Peggy Blair, 8 July 1805, Amherst County, Virginia.
  5. Mary, born 17 March 1784; died 4 November 1872, Montgomery County, Missouri; buried Nettle Cemetery; married Richard Hudnall, 23 March 1802, Bedford Countil, Virginia. Richard reportedly died 15 Decemeber 1863, Rockingham County, North Carolina.
  6. Elizabeth, born 4 March 1786; died 27 January 1854, Lafayette County, Missouri; married Thomas Creasey, 7 August 1804, Bedford County, Virginia. He was born c1780; died before 4 December 1843, Lafayette County, Missouri.
  7. William, born 9 May 1788; died 5 July 1814. One William Williams married Ann Cannefax in Campbell County, Virginia in 1808. Nothing further is known of the couple and it is not known if this William who died as a young man is the same man who married Ann.
  8. George W., born 24 March 1791; died c1841, reportedly Grundy County, Missouri, although no will or probate information has been found for him there and he has not been placed in the 1840 census; married Nancy A. Austin, 4 Nov 1826, Bedford County, Virginia. She was born 1800-1810; died after George, but before 1 Apr 1858, when her father’s estate was settled and her heirs inherited her portion.  She was the daughter of Thomas and Nancy North Austin. 
  9. Martha “Patsey”, born 20 March 1793, Campbell Co., VA; died after 1880, probably Bedford County, Virginia; married Benjamin Witt, 27 Dec 1810. He was born 1780-90; died before December 1843, when the court ordered an inventory of his estate.
  10. Charles B., born 31 October 1797, died after 1860, probably Daviess County, Missouri; married Matilda Wade, daughter of Archibald Wade Sr. and Nancy Wade, 22 Oct 1838, Bedford County, Virginia. Matilda may have been a second wife. She was born c1811, VA; died after 1860, probably Daviess County, Missouri.  Charles apparently was unmarried in 1820, and still lived at home. The family lived in Daviess County, Missouri in 1850. In 1860, Charles was a farmer with $5000 in real estate and $1500 in personal property. One Charles B. Williams married Luella Boling, 11 Apr 1866, Daviess Co., MO. This may or may not be the same Charles as this man, but it appears that he had no children.

Next, we will take a look at the grandchildren of Roger and Cassie Ann (Blair) Williams.




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  1. I am tracing the family tree of my d-i-l; she is a descendant of Roger WILLIAMS and Cassie Ann BLAIR through their daughter Nancy Williams married to Archibald Nance. I am following your posts to glean the truth on Roger Williams parentage. Side note: I too am a descendant of GEORGE SOULE through their daughter Susannah married to Francis WEST.

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