Ancestor Count for 2017

I discovered a new branch on the tree in 2016 and, much to my surprise, it included Mayflower passenger, George Soule! However, those new generations are early enough in my tree that they don’t change my numbers from last year.

Linda’s Stats – 2017

I have invested a fair amount of time and energy into Dave’s family tree during this past year and it shows in these results:

Dave’s Stats – 2017

Each of the entries in red are increases from 2016.

I have discovered one more 3X great grandparent, 9 – 4X great grandparents, 12 – 5X great grandparents, 4 – 6X great grandparents and two new 7X great grandparents. That is a 3% gain during the last year. Given that his ancestors did a fabulous job of hiding themselves, I am quite proud of this accomplishment!


5 thoughts on “Ancestor Count for 2017”

  1. Congratulations on your growing tally, Linda! That’s cause for celebration.

    I like this idea of tracking progress and doing an annual check-up. I’m going to borrow the idea from you. 🙂

    Question: Have you run into instances of 1st cousins marrying, resulting in pedigree collapse (their grandparents are then duplicate individuals in your tree)? If yes, how do you reflect that in your chart?

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