Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Christmas Meme

The Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge from Randy Seaver on Genea-Musings this week is to give 2016 answers to a 2012 Christmas meme started by Pauleen Cassmob.

Here are my Christmas answers:

  1. Do you have any special Xmas traditions in your family?  My sister-in-law and I trade Thanksgiving and Christmas each year, with one of us hosting each. Before my mother-in-law passed away, the three of us traded with one person having a hosting year off.
  2. Is church attendance an important part of your Christmas celebrations and do you go the evening before or on Xmas Day?  We used to attend church of Christmas Eve at midnight. However, I don’t stay up that late anymore!
  3. Did/do you or your children/grandchildren believe in Santa?  Most definitely. Those who didn’t believe didn’t receive anything. My son knows enough to say “yes,” there is a Santa and he is almost 29.
  4. Do you go caroling in your neighbourhood?  Not currently, but when my son was in Cub Scouts, we did and had a great time.
  5. What’s your favourite Christmas music?  I love any songs by Bing Crosby. He had a fabulous voice.
  6. What’s your favourite Christmas carol?  Little Drummer Boy by the Harry Simeone Chorale tops my list.
  7. Do you have a special Xmas movie/book you like to watch/read?  The original Miracle on 34th Street with Natalie Wood.
  8. Does your family do individual gifts, gifts for littles only, Secret Santa (aka Kris Kringle)?  Our family is quite small – only six of us now – so we all exchange individual gifts.
  9. Is your main Christmas meal indoors or outdoors, at home or away?  Always indoors at one of the family homes.
  10. What do you eat as your main course for the Christmas meal?  Roast turkey, my grandmother’s special stuffing recipe, green beans and carrots, one of my mother-in-law’s lime jello salad recipes, rolls and butter and sometimes homemade gravy, sometimes bottled gravy from the market. Dessert is always several hours after the meal. Most of the family loves pies – chocolate, pumpkin and whatever, but pie has never been one of my favorites, which means I can enjoy Grandmother’s stuffing without feeling guilty.
  11. Do you have a special recipe you use for Xmas?  Yep – Grandmother’s stuffing and my mother-in-law’s lime jello salad, of which there is never any leftover.
  12. Does Christmas pudding feature on the Xmas menu? Is it your recipe or one you inherited?  As far as I know, no one in my family has ever had Christmas pudding.
  13. Do you have any other special Christmas foods? What are they?  I have a breakfast brunch casserole, healthy version, which I always serve in late morning. There isn’t ever much of that left over either!
  14. Do you give home-made food/craft for gifts at Christmas?  Not any more. When I was still teaching, I always brought in plates of about a dozen different types of homemade goodies, one for each member of the Special Ed department at my school, plus the custodians.
  15. Do you return to your family for Xmas or vice versa?  This year, my sister-in-law hosted Thanksgiving, so we are having Christmas. We’ll switch next year and we don’t have far to travel, as it is only about a 4 minute walk from one house to the other, although we live on different streets.
  16. Is your Christmas celebrated differently from your childhood ones? If yes, how does it differ?  Not really, it is just that the elder generations of my husband’s family and mine are all gone, so it is just us young folk with our grown children.
  17. How do you celebrate Xmas with your friends? Lunch? Pre-Xmas outings? Drop-ins? The ladies’ welcome club has a Friday night get together once a month for members, whether as singles or with significant others. The December party was this past Friday night so there were decorations and festive appetizers and desserts. Other than that, we don’t usually have any special get togethers with friends, as we see them often anyway.
  18. Do you decorate your house with lights? A little or a lot?  We used to go all out, or I should say I went all out, because the other people in my house (who shall remain nameless) weren’t thrilled about all the work. I decided to go on strike and most of the decorations stay in the closet, but we do all decorate the tree with many old family ornaments each year.
  19. Is your neighbourhood a “Xmas lights” tour venue?  No, we live on a small cul-de-sac of five homes. However, there are some Tucson neighborhoods that are decorated “to the nines” and we’ve gone to enjoy them in the past.
  20. Does your family attend Carols by Candlelight singalongs/concerts? Where?  No, none of us is very adept at carrying a tune.
  21. Have any of your Christmases been spent camping (unlikely for our northern-hemisphere friends)?  No and even my idea of summer time camping means staying at a comfortable hotel where I don’t have to do any of the work.
  22. Is Christmas spent at your home, with family or at a holiday venue?  Always in a family home.
  23. Do you have snow for Christmas where you live?  Tucson gets occasional snow flurries, which last about 2 hours if they stick to the ground and cactus. We had snow last year on New Year’s Day, but I haven’t seen any here on Christmas in the six years we’ve lived in Arizona.
  24. Do you have a Christmas tree every year?  We always have a Christmas tree. Before we moved to Arizona, we had never had an artificial tree. However, it is so dry here that live trees don’t last very long so we bought a beautiful artificial tree in 2010.
  25. Is your Christmas tree a live tree (potted/harvested) or an imitation?  While growing up, my family ALWAYS had a live tree and I have fond memories of going downtown in Passaic with my father to pick out the lucky tree that would become ours. I commented in the last question that the extreme dry climate here in Arizona has pushed us to artificial trees.
  26. Do you have special Xmas tree decorations?  I inherited all of my family’s old Christmas ornaments and Dave and I have purchased special ornaments to mark our son’s early Christmases and as remembrances of travels. Many, but not all, of our ornaments are sentimental.
  27. Which is more important to your family, Christmas or Thanksgiving?  Christmas

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