Salt Lake Visit and Update on FHL Construction

Last week, I was fortunate enough to spend four days in Salt Lake City and most of that time was spent in the Family History Library. RootsTech is only about 8 weeks away, but I had too many items on my library “to do” list and found reasonable airfare and hotel rates so I decided to venture into the cold from sunny, warm Tucson (75 degrees when I left).

There is only one way to express the chill in the air and my mother always used to say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one says it all:

Fountain near Temple Square

Not only that, but my friend Julie snapped me on Sunday night as we viewed the Christmas lights in Temple Square. I told her I looked like Nanook of the North. Quite a change from sweating in my tee shirt and shorts as I walked the day before in Tucson!


Seriously, though, if you have never visited Salt Lake City in December, the decorations are absolutely stunning.

Thank you, Julie, for permission to share these on my blog.

That kept us busy on Sunday night and we were ready for the library when it opened on Monday morning.

Normally, there is a line of people waiting to enter the library. There may well have been a line, but we saw no need to stand outside and wait when it was about 20 degrees. We arrived at 8:10 and walked in.

If you attended RootsTech last year and spent any time at all in the library, you would have immediately noticed that the main floor of the library had been closed and blocked off by construction workers. I was excited to see the newly designed first floor classrooms and Discovery Center, but the view inside the door was a bit unexpected.

I totally expected to see the finished work. The library greeters shared the renderings of how the area will look when finished.

It was hard to tell how the work was progressing, but I was assured that the grand opening will coincide with the opening of RootsTech in February.

The next day, visitors had a much better view of the project. When we arrived, the construction barrier wall had been removed and we then saw:

It’s beginning to look like part of a library again and I am looking forward to seeing the completed look and layout just two short months from now.

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