New Genealogy Finds on eBay

I check eBay often for potential family finds.

This was a terrific find!

I purchased an 1893 Commencement Exercises program for Calais High School. As I mentioned, this one isn’t technically “my” family because 1893 was the wrong time period for any of my relatives to be graduating. I do recognize many of these surnames, though, and this program will be going back home to Calais, as a donation to its history.

This program is tiny, only about 2 inches by three inches and aside from a bit of foxing, it is in excellent condition.

Calais High School 1893
Front and Back Cover

Graduation Exercises Calais High School 1893
Title Page

Calais High Programme 1893

Calais High Programme 1893 - B
1893 Graduating Class

This is a fabulous slice of Calais history.

Be sure to check eBay regularly for possible family finds. I have more success with places or more unique surnames.

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