Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Friendly Fill-ins for Thanksgiving

This week’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun with Randy Seaver is holiday is holiday-themed with Friendly fill-ins for Thanksgiving.

Here are the answers to my four fill-ins:

  1. One Thanksgiving tradition I have: is to always use my grandmother Hazel’s delicious recipe for turkey stuffing. My husband and son have come to love it, too.
  2. Black Friday: is a day to rabidly avoid any shopping anywhere outside the house. Traffic is terrible and everyone acts like the world will end if they don’t get one of those special items on sale. Instead, we stay at home and bring out the Christmas decorations. It’s much more fun and relaxing!
  3. The best part of Thanksgiving Day is: spending the day with family. Our immediate family is small and we live only minutes from each other, but it is still nice to celebrate the day together. The second best part of the day is dinner. 🙂 I am so not into the football games.
  4. One Thanksgiving, that of November 1968, was a somber day, but one which was immensely enjoyable and memorable to me because of the setting. My grandfather was quite ill and hospitalized at the time. My mother took me with her and we traveled from New Jersey to spend time with and help my grandmother in Massachusetts. Understandably, Grandmother did not cook Thanksgiving dinner that year, but she did want to make sure that we celebrated the holiday properly. I had never before had Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant, but this one was very special. (I blogged about it last year, also for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.) We drove to Sturbridge with my Aunt Barbara and dined at the Publick House Historic Inn and Lodge, which first opened in 1771! If there ever was a setting to make one feel they had stepped back in time, the Publick House was it. No matter that 1771 was a century and a half after the Mayflower. The meal was scrumptious, the fire in the hearth was wonderfully warming and we felt like the Pilgrims might come walking in the door at any moment.

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