Mystery Friends – Building a House in Noble or Norman, OK, c1914

Here is yet another mystery photo that I would like to share:

Pearl Brasher, middle left

This photo was taken probably in the 1914-1920 time frame, either in Noble or Norman, Oklahoma. I tend to think it was a new home being built by friends of Pearl Brasher (possibly already married to Earl Stufflebean) more likely in Norman, where they settled after they married on 10 August 1916. Pearl was just 18 when they married.

I think it is more of a possibility that she was a young newlywed visiting the structure that would be the new home of another young married couple who were friends of Earl and Pearl.

I’d say the proud home owner was the young man standing in front, his wife was the lady in the middle standing next to Pearl and the female in the back was a friend or relative of the home owners.

It is possible that this was taken in Noble, but I think it is much less likely that Pearl would have been hanging around a young married couple who had just purchased a home if she had still been a high school student.

The young woman in the back probably won’t ever by identified; I have photos of other Brasher and Stufflebean family members and neither the young man or other young woman looks anything like them, leading me to believe these were friends.

I know this is a really, really long shot, but if you have a grandparent or great grandparent who lived in Noble or Norman in the World War I era and recognize these people, I would love to put names to faces. I’d also be happy to give you the original photo if you have proof of your relationship to them.

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