It’s a Mystery! Passaic, NJ Bride, c1910-1915

Today, I am sharing another mystery photo. This young lady was a beautiful bride and carried a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

Unknown Bridal Party, c1910-1915

The back of this photo isn’t marked in any way and there is obviously not even a photographer’s mark on the front. None of the young ladies looks at all familiar to me, but the one on the right puts me in the mind of my grandmother, Julia – Nana. However, I have other photos of her in this time period and this isn’t her. It could be a Scerbak, Patorai, Murcko or Szurgent cousin.

I am 100% sure that this bridal party is Slovak, as that was my grandmother’s only social group at this time. The wedding most likely took place at St. Michael’s Church in Passaic, New Jersey in the 1910-1915 time frame.

If you have Passaic Slovak family and recognize any of these people, please leave a comment.

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