Recommended Reads

Recommended Reads


Atlas of Historical County Boundaries: Where Are You? by Sunny on Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems

Welcome to New York City, 1609 by Lorine McGinnis Schulze on Olive Tree Genealogy Blog

Help for those with New Zealand family:
Getting to Know DigitalNZ A-TIHI O AOTEAROA by James Tanner on Genealogy’s Star

Family Stories

Be sure to follow Lara’s experiences as she visits the ancestral home of her family and meets some people who knew them!:
Ukraine Trip Post #1 – Day 1 (September 1, 2016) by Lara Diamond on Lara’s Jewnealogy

This is one of the most unusual modern day lives I have read about in a long time:
A Beautiful (Terrible) Life by Dorothy Nixon on Genealogy Ensemble

François (Frank) Loescher – Family in America? by Diane Minor on Minor Genea-Origins

Heather is creating new family history memories:
A New Hampshire Yankee in Spain (and I Brought the Whole Family This Time) by Heather Wilkinson Rojo on Nutfield Genealogy

I know from experience that multiple cousins marrying cousins can be a nightmare to figure out:
Keeping It in the Family by Schalene Dagutis on Tangled Roots and Trees

A well-written, heartfelt article about 9-11:
9/11 at 15 years by Roberta J. Estes on DNAeXplained

Schalene shares an unusual family story – very interesting reading:
Jesse Lee Children’s Home by Schalene Dagutis on Tangled Roots and Trees

Analyze what you have for good clues:
Research Hints from Sophia Meinzen Kropp’s Obituary by Nancy on My Ancestors and Me


Interesting story on DNA results:
Haplogroup X2b4 Is European, Not Native American by Roberta J. Estes on DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy

Methodology, News, Etc.

Big news this week on the Rock Star Genealogist front from John D. Reid’s poll results. Be sure to check his site for other categories posted this week:
2016 Superstar Genealogists AND

Rockstar Genealogists 2016: International and USA by John D. Reid on Canada’s Anglo-Celtic Connections

Having a goal and documenting the steps is an important ingredient for research success:
The Importance of Good Note-Taking by Jill Morelli on Genealogy Certification: My Personal Journal

Vonda is aiming for DAR membership. Will she be able to prove her weak link?
Writing a Research Report; Or How We Didn’t Really Find Out Anything, Part One by Vonda Heverly on Genealogist by Night

But if you don’t know how collections and information are organized, you won’t have many notes to take:
The Importance of Process Tracking by Michael John Neill on Rootdig

Ten Ways to Be a Good Ancestor by Heather Wilkinson Rojo on Nutfield Genealogy

What is Backtracking? by Gary Roberts on Backtracking the Common

It’s Not Just OK and It’s Essential That You Correct Known Errors in Your Genealogy Tree by Diane L. Richard on UpFront with NGS

Why I Like to Do Cemetery Research in Person by Janine Adams on Organize Your Family History

Too Busy to Read Blogs and Newsletters? Please Think Again. . .by Gary Roberts on Backtracking the Common

Genealogy Education

Course Review: Excelsior’s Practicum in Genealogical Research by Melinda Lutz Byrne by Dana (Steart) Leeds on The Enthusiastic Genealogist

Be sure to check the GeneaWebinars calendar for links to times and the schedule for ongoing hangouts and study groups. There are a LOT of choices this week. We must be into fall schedules. 🙂

FamilySearch Hispanic Research Methodology, Saturday, 17 September 2016

FamilySearch Crossing Fronteras, Saturday, 17 September 2016

FamilySearch Recursos en Linea para Espana, Saturday, 17 September 2016

FamilySearch Irish Census and Census Substitutes, Monday, 19 September 2016

FamilySearch Scots-Irish Research, Tuesday, 20 September 2016

FamilySearch Norway: Exploring Probate Records, Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Finding Evidence of Kinship in Military Records, by Rick Sayre, Tuesday, 20 September 2016, BCG Webinar

The ABCs and 123s of Researching Your Ancestors’ School Records, by Melissa Barker, Tuesday, 20 September 2016, Wisconsin State Genealogical Society

How to Use for Beginners, by Devin Ashby, Wednesday, 21 September 2016, Legacy Family Tree Webinars

FamilySearch How to Trace England Ancestry in a Snap: Finding Needles in Haystacks, Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Genetic Genealogy Education, by Blaine Bettinger, Wednesday, 21 September 2016, Georgia Genealogical Society

How Did My Pennsylvania Ancestor Get There?: Migration Trails West, by Elissa Scalise Powell, Wednesday, 21 September 2016, Southern California Genealogical Society

FamilySearch U.S. Research: Mountain West Region, Thursday, 22 September 2016

FamilySearch Irish Place Names: Finding and Understanding Them, Friday, 23 September 2016

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