Siblings Mary Docia, Thomas James and Matilda Sarah Catherine Stufflebean

Yesterday, I wrote about the family of Lewis Michael Stufflebean and his wife, Elizabeth Jane Cornett. Previously, I have written about John Henry Stufflebean and his wives, Mary Elizabeth Holland and Addie Belcher. Lewis and John henry were two of the five children of John Stufflebean and Matilda M. Peavler.

John during the Civil War and the family never seemed to recover from his loss. Today, I will share the families of their other three children, Mary Docia, Thomas James and Matilda Sarah Catherine.

Mary Docia was the eldest child of John and Matilda and it seems she had to take on a lot of family responsibility after her father died. Mary, born 24 August 1855, was the 1870 head of a household consisting of her and her four siblings while her mother, unhappily married to second husband John B. Hall, lived next door. The Halls divorced a few years later. Mary Docia died on 31 January 1912 in Browning, Linn County, Missouri.

I have seen family information that claims Mary Docia married at age 14, but that is not true. She married Charles Depew Hannon, a man 23 years older than her, on 26 January 1874. I think the confusion comes from the fact that Charles had a first wife, Sarah Barker, and their only child, Hannah, was born about 1870. Charles Depew Hannon was born 23 April 1832 in Canada and died 11 June 1906 in Linn County, Missouri.

By 1880, the Hannon household consisted of Charles, Mary Docia and Hannah. By 1900, Mary reported having given birth to three children with only one surviving, daughter Nancy Catherine, born in August 1886. Also in the household was servant Olie C. Hall, aged 17, who later married Nancy. Olean Chester Hall and Nancy married on 17 October 1900 and went on to have eight children, seven of whom survived. There are many descendants of this couple today.

Thomas James Stufflebean, brother of Mary Docia, was born 22 December 1858 and died 8 May 1942 in Noble, Cleveland County, Oklahoma. He married Docia Standifer on 5 May 1881 in Linn County, Missouri. This family was living in Oklahoma very early, as son Freddie was born there in 1893.

Thomas and Docia had eight children, five who survived to adulthood and seven of whom have been identified:

  1. John Albert, born 15 March 1882, Linn County, Missouri; died 23 July 1963, Lincoln County, Oklahoma; married (1) Willie Ella Wallace,  10 July 1904. Cleveland County, Oklahoma (2) Angelina Dillard (3) Izora Qualls. John had at least two children, Polly and Johnny, with his first wife.
  2. Bertha C., born 29 October 1883, Linn County, Missouri; died 21 November 1886, Linn County, Missouri
  3. Clara Estella, born 19 February 1888, Linn County, Missouri; died 18 September 1970, Cleveland County, Oklahoma; married John Calhoun Shaw, 2 May 1909, Cleveland County, Oklahoma. They had one son, Eugene, born about 1916.
  4. Charles Henry, born 1 April 1890; died 14 February 1899, Noble, Cleveland County, Oklahoma
  5. Fred Lafayette, aka “Fay”, born March 1893, Oklahoma; died 6 March 1957, Noble, Cleveland County, Oklahoma; married Argie L. Philpot, 21 September 1916, Cleveland County, Oklahoma. They had no children.
  6. Thomas Hamilton, born 1 March 1900, Oklahoma; died 1981, Noble, Cleveland County, Oklahoma. He married Clara West, 30 October 1921, Cleveland County, Oklahoma. They did not have any children.
  7. Nellie Carrie, born 27 April 1906, Oklahoma; died 19 January 1988, Cleveland County, Oklahoma. She married (1) Alfred E. Wagner, 26 December 1923, Cleveland County, Oklahoma. Alfred was born 26 December 1903 and died 25 January 1926, Cleveland County, Oklahoma (2) Cyrus Dion Grissom, about 1927. Cyrus and Nellie had a daughter, Evelyn Marie, born about 1928, Oklahoma. She married Gene Fox in Cleveland County, Oklahoma on 11 June 1948.

Therefore, of the children of Thomas and Docia Stufflebean, John Albert, Clara Estella and Nellie Carrie had children and may have descendants today.

The last child to be discussed of John and Matilda (Peavler) Stufflebean was Matilda Sarah Catherine, born 26 October 1860 and died 23 March 1937, both in Linn County, Missouri. She married Josiah Cordray on 7 April 1876 in Linn County, Missouri. They had ten children, nine of whom survived.

  1. Mary Ella, born 17 October 1878; died 9 February 1954, both Linn County, Missouri. She married Millard Head. They had two children, Gracie and Joe.
  2. Laura, born and died 2 July 1879, Linn County, Missouri
  3. Archibald Curtis, born 14 June 1880; died September 1966, Linn County, Missouri. He married Maudie Hestella Carmack. They had seven children.
  4. John Lewis, born 1 July 1884; died 22 August 1978
  5. Charles Edward, born August 1886; died 11 November 1940, both Linn County, Missouri; married Gertrude May Peavler, 5 September 1906. They had nine children.
  6. Cora Elizabeth, born 5 August 1888; died 7 August 1966, both Linn County, Missouri; married Jesse Clarence Head. They had ten children.
  7. Ritta Agnes, born 22 November 1890; died 18 August 1985, both Linn County, Missouri; married Frank Mike Head, 1910-1920. They had two sons, Oren L., born 1917 and Kermit Frank, born 1923.
  8. Gail Daniel, born 13 November 1892; died 14 November 1968, both Linn County, Missouri. He married Osa Clarkson Lanning, 21 June 1954. They had no children.
  9. Jennie A., born October 1895, Linn County, Missouri; died 1983, Adair County, Missouri. She married Harve L. Belfield. They had one son, Harry L., who died in a truck accident in 1938, unmarried.

Josiah and Catherine (Stufflebean) Cordray have hundreds of descendants today.

If you are descended from any of these children of John and Matilda Peavler Stufflebean, please leave a comment.

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