Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – How Many Mary (MNU)s in My Tree?

I look forward to Randy Seaver’s weekly Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge on Genea-Musings. This week, we are to note how many Marys we have in our family tree whose maiden names are unknown.

I have about 7500 people in my family tree and, considering how many ancestors I have who were named Mary, I was surprised to find only 42 Marys whose maiden names are unknown. Of those 42, only 21 are actually in my direct line.

Here is the list of just my direct line Marys (MNU) and, while I don’t hold much hope that anyone has documentation on the missing surnames, if you do, please leave a comment. Each is listed with her husband and a place of residence. To save space, I am not listing any dates for the Marys, but, for many, I have partial information or nothing anyway.

Adams, Edward (c1619-aft 1671), Fairfield, CT = Mary
Bacon, Michael (1608-1688), Woburn, MA = Mary
Bowen, Obadiah (c1624-1710), Warren, RI = Mary
Brawn, Benjamin (c1739-1798, Maugerville, Canada = Mary
Brown, William (1609-1662), Gloucester, MA = Mary
Coley, Samuel (c1664-c1713), Fairfield, CT = Mary
Couch, Simon (c1633-c1687), Fairfield, CT = Mary
Crouse, Philip (1761-1857), Keswick, Canada = Mary
Fellows, William (c1611-c1696), Ipswich, MA = MA
Goddard, Gyles (c1641-c1729), Boston, MA = Mary
Holton, William (1610-1691), Northampton, MA = Mary
Knapp, William ((1611-1676), Watertown, MA = Mary
Lakin, William (1597-1633) Ruddington, England = Mary
Loker, John ((c1626-1653), Sudbury, MA = Mary
Peasley, Joseph (c1600-1660), Salisbury, MA = Mary
Pierce, Samuel (c1630-c1678), Malden, MA = Mary
Pratt, John (1655-1707), Malden, MA = Mary
Pratt, Richard (1615-aft May 1691), Malden, MA = Mary
Prescott, John (c1607-1681) Worcester, MA = Mary
Stokes, Richard (c1533-1590), Yardley, Worc., England = Mary
Tybbot, Walter (1584-1651), Gloucester, MA = Mary

As you can see, they are all colonial New England families with one Canadian pre-Loyalist – Benjamin Brawn, one Loyalist – Philip Crouse and one pre-colonial – Richard Stokes,  back in England. In the case of Philip Crouse, Mary is actually a second wife and not my direct line, but I would still like to know her maiden name.


One thought on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – How Many Mary (MNU)s in My Tree?”

  1. Yours all have early dates. That sure makes it harder to find them. The link to my post for this week is back on Randy’s post in the comment section. Best wishes for luck in finding your Marys maiden names!

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