Descendants of Thomas Williams, Cumberland County, Virginia, Part 2

Here are the two remaining known children of Thomas and Susannah (Anderson) Williams of Cumberland County, Virginia.

3. Hannah, born probably 1740s; died before March 1798; married Saymour Scott; Letters of administration on Saymour’s estate were granted to Samuel Williams and David Low on 20 May 1788 in Cumberland County, Virginia. By November 1790, Samuel Williams had been named guardian to Samuel, Nancy, Benjamin, Hannah and Saymour Scott, infant children of Saymour Scott, deceased. Debtors to the estate included Matthias Williams and Thomas Williams Sr. In March 1798, Samuel was one of four men appointed to appraise Hannah’s estate.

Children: (Scott)

  • Samuel, born c1772
  • Nancy, born c1774
  • Benjamin, born c1776
  • Hannah, born c1778
  • Saymore, born c1780

I have no further information on what became of any of these children. Their birth years are guesses, assuming that they were named in birth order in the court record (which mayor may not be), but that they all still required a guardian in 1790. This fact makes it very likely they were born in the 1770s or even in the 1780s.

4. Samuel was born 18 Sept 1744; died before October 1823, Cumberland County, Virginia; married (1) Susannah Ligon, 22 December1766, Amelia County, Virginia; born c1745, probably Amelia County, Virginia; died before 13 Sep 1794, probably Cumberland County, Virginia; daughter of William Ligon,  (2) Mary Wright, daughter of John Wright and widow of George Wright, before 13 September 1794 when Samuel, Mary and other legatees of George sold part of the land which he owned before his death.  Mary may be the Mary Williams whose estate was probated in January 1823, as she is not mentioned in Samuel’s will. 

Cumberland County, Virginia court records show John Holcombe v. Charles and Samuel Williams on 20 June 1799. They did not appear and owed L8.80 plus interest. The same day shows John Richardson v. Charles and Samuel Williams, who again didn’t appear and had to pay L42.14.10, half each plus interest.

In November 1800, there is a case involving Reuben Williams v. Charles Williams.

In November 1790, Samuel Williams entered a chancery suit, as he was guardian to Samuel, Nancy, Benjamin, Hannah and Saymor Scott, infant children of Saymore Scott, dec’d. and was defending them in a suit brought by Benjamin Whitehead and Sally, his wife for the division of the decedent’s estate. The legatees of John Wright (Samuel Williams and Mary, his wife; William and Elizabeth Gannaway, John Wright, Saymour Wright, John Holman and Ann, his wife and Benjamin Wright sued Hannah Scott, administrator of Saymour Scott dec’d, who was the administrator of John Wright, dec’d and guardian to Saymour, Benjamin and Ann Wright. In November 1791, it was decided that Saymour Scott’s estate owed John Wright’s estate L58.17.0. It also owed Elizabeth Wright L37.6.77 and William Ganaway L13.12.9. There was an inventory and appraisal of Hannah Scott’s estate on 23 Apr 1798.

Samuel left a will, but I only have a transcription shared from a genealogy buddy many years ago. The microfilmed version of his will is so faded that it is illegible even on the film.


  • Anderson, born c1767, Virginia; died after 1860, possibly in Botetourt County, Virginia; married Mildred Shepard, daughter of Samuel and Anne Burwell Shepard, 18 Dec 1786, Cumberland County, Virginia. She died before 1850, as Anderson was living with his daughter, Susannah Taylor, at that time. In 1860, Anderson, aged 91 years old, was living with daughter Elizabeth Garrett, .
  • William Ligon, born 6 June 1771, Virginia; died 13 October 1848, Coles County, Illinois, when his will was probated; married (1) Mary Gannaway, daughter of William and Elizabeth Wright Gannaway, before 1 December 1794, Cumberland County, Virginia. Mary died after 1820, probably Grayson County, Kentucky or Clark County, Illinois (2) Catherine Keller, 4 October 1830, Coles County, Illinois; died after 1850, probably Coles County, Illinois.
  • John, born c1773, Virginia; died by October 1853, when his will was probated in Roane County, Tennessee; married Mary Lee, daughter of Joseph Lee, before 1 December 1794, Cumberland County, Virginia. Mary was born c1780, Virginia; died after 1860, probably Roane County, Tennessee.
  • Charles, born c1775, Virginia; died between Aug 1825 and Jan 1826, Morgan Co., TN; married (1) Unknown (2) Elizabeth Cobb. She was possibly a Goddard by birth. Although Charles died in Morgan County, apparently his heirs left an unrecorded copy of his will in Roane County, found in the loose papers in the courthouse.
  • Reuben, born c1777, Virginia; died after July 1828, probably Roane County, Tennessee; married Elizabeth Butler, daughter of Thomas Butler, 25 June 1801, Campbell County, Virginia; Thomas Butler died in Anderson County, Tennessee in 1814.
  • Polly, born c1779, Virginia; married Mr. Love; nothing further is known of this couple. If Polly is the younger female in Samuel’s household in 1820, then she apparently married Mr. Love after 1820, but before her father wrote his will on 2 July 1821.
  • Samuel, born 19 March 1781, Virginia; died 29 Nov 1849, Bedford County, Virginia; married Betsey Wingo, December 1803, Amelia County, Virginia. She was born 19 June 1784; died 12 August 1846, Bedford County, Virginia.
  • Benjamin, born c1785, Virginia, died before 22 March 1855, Anderson County, Tennessee; married (1) Cizire (Keziah?) Williams, 4 June 1815, Roane County, Tennessee (2) Nancy McCormack, 23 June 1851, Roane County, Tennessee.
  • Robert, born 15 August 1786, Virginia; died 18 July 1865, Roane County, Tennessee; married Sarah A. Manley, born 9 July 1787, Virginia; died 23 March 1875, Roane County, Tennessee. Sarah was the daughter of Revolutionary War pensioner Ancel and Sarah Butler Manley. 
  • Joseph, born 14 May 1789, Virginia; died 29 May 1862, probably Howard County, Missouri; married (1) Susan Woodson, 10 June 1815, Cumberland County, Virginia. Susan was born 10 May 1799; died 6 May 1863, probably Howard County, Missouri.  There is a Joseph Williams in Cumberland County, Virginia who married Elizabeth Harrison, 11 Sept 1805.  It is not known if this is the same man who married Susan Woodson.  The Ligon Family and Connections also states he married Elizabeth Raine, no date or place given. Since Susan appears to be 10 years younger than Joseph, it is reasonable to conclude he may have had a prior marriage.  Additionally, one Hugh Raine was one of four witnesses to his father’s will.  If Joseph did marry Elizabeth Raine, she was likely a first wife who died young.

I have to wonder what Samuel thought of seven of his ten children heading off to Tennessee about 1805. He likely never saw any of them again. Anderson never left Virginia, but Joseph migrated to Missouri. However, he may not have left until after his father died, as he married in Cumberland County in 1815. What became of his only daughter, Polly Williams Love? I have never found a trace of her or her husband. I would have expected the marriage record to be in Cumberland County, but none is found there or anywhere else in Virginia.

I have further family records on the descendants of Thomas and Susannah (Anderson) Williams through the end of the Civil War. If you are descended from them, please leave a comment. I would be happy to share.

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  1. I am looking for Thomas D. Williams father, Thomas Williams. Thomas D. Williams was born 1782 in Harrison Co., VA or Wetzel and died in Harrison Co., VA 1861. He is buried in Sycamore Creek Church cemetery. He married Ester Innis and maybe had a second wife. He was the father of John Amos Williams, a preacher. Thomad D. Williams death listing lists his parents as Thomas Williams and Hannah., but I can not find any record of them.Do you tie in here? Any records

  2. Hello! My name is lauran Lydia Williams, I am 4th great granddaughter of Rev. Robert Williams and Sarah Ann Manley.
    -Samuel Manley Williams
    m. Francis Jane Browder Jackson
    -Robert Benjamin Ballard Williams
    m. Malvina Tennessee Donaldson
    -Charles Monroe Williams
    m. Lily Iris McCullough
    -Charles Edward Williams
    m.Myrtle Faye Lambdin
    -Joseph Wayne Williams
    m. Lonetta Napier Williams
    I must thank you for your research!! I have been trying to connect Rev. Robert to Samuel & Susan for years now-bouncing back and forth between conflicting information sources.
    Your research is unbeatable. Thank you for being so thorough in your investigations.
    I will look over all the links before I submit any questions. Thank you again

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