Stufflebean Photo Pedigree Chart

I had fun creating my photo pedigree chart the other day, so I decided to do one for husband Dave’s family. Unfortunately, the photos that have come down through the family don’t go nearly as far back as mine, but here is what I have:

My Husband

David Stufflebean


EdCrop   RubyCrop
Edward Stufflebean and Ruby Sturgell


EarlCrop PearlCrop OscarCrop EdnaCrop
Earl Stufflebean, Pearl Brasher and Oscar Sturgell, Edna Nation

Great Grandparents

There are very few surviving great grandparent photos, if they ever even existed. On the Stufflebean side, I have:

JohnHenryCrop AddieCrop JosephHenryBrasherCop MinnieCrop
John Stufflebean, Addie Belcher & Joseph Brasher, Minnie Williams

Addie was actually my father-in-law’s step-grandmother, but Ed considered her as his grandmother. He never knew his biological grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Holland, as she died long before he was born; there are no surviving photos of her.

On the Sturgell side of the family:

Martha Alberty

Martha Alberty married Abijah Sturgell, father of Oscar Sturgell, but there are no family photos of him.

Clay Nation?

One of these men is said to be Edna Nation’s father, Clayton Nation, but no one in the family knows which one he would be. The man sitting looks more like Edna in terms of the shape of her face, but the man standing looks more like my husband and some of his cousins.

Great Great Grandparents

In the 2x great grandparent group, we have three members, all on the Sturgell side of the family:

Susan Douthit

Susan Douthit married John Alberty and they were the parents of Martha Alberty, who married Abijah Sturgell. Susan also had the unfortunate experience of being the second wife of Isaac Sturgell, Abijah’s father, and the resident black sheep in the family!

JosMichaelNation  AnnieRiddleCrop
Joseph Nation and Annie Riddle

Last is Joseph Nation and Annie Riddle, parents of Clayton Nation.

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