Fun With My Photo Pedigree Chart

In the last couple of months, there have been various pedigree charts shared for fun – birthplaces, occupations, cause of death. I thought I’d put together a photo & name pedigree chart and share it.


Linda Anne Sabo


 GeorgeCrop   DorisCrop
George Michael Sabo & Doris Priscilla Adams


GeorgeKucharikSabo  JuliaScerbak  VernonCrop HazelCrop
George Sabo, Julia Scerbak and Vernon Adams, Hazel Coleman

Great Grandparents

I have at least one photo of each of my great grandparents:

StephenCrop MaryKacsenyakCrop MichaelScerbakCrop AnnaMurckoCrop  CharlesAdamsCrop AnnieStuartCrop HartwellCrop AnnaJensenCrop
Stephen Kucharik, Anna Kacsenyak & Michael Scerbak, Anna Murcko;
Charles Adams, Annie Stuart & Hartwell Coleman, Anna Jensen

Great Great Grandparents

I have no earlier photos of my father’s side of the family. I doubt there were any photographers running around in the Slovakian village. I do have photos, though, of my Adams and Coleman 2x great grandparents:

CalvinAdamsCrop NellieTarboxCrop  WilliamColemanCrop SarahCrouseCrop
Calvin Adams, Nellie Tarbox and William Coleman, Sarah Crouse

Great Great Great Grandparents

I have photos of two of my 3x great grandparents, the fathers of Calvin Adams and Nellie Tarbox:

DanielAdamsCrop    GeorgeTarboxCrop
Daniel Adams and George Tarbox

Great Great Great Great Grandparents

I am especially lucky to be the keeper of two photos that are among the oldest in my collection, but are images of two children of Loyalist John Adams and pre-Loyalist Benjamin Brawn, my 4x great grandparents, Thomas Adams and Sarah Brawn:

ThomasAdams SarahBrawn
Thomas Adams & Sarah Brawn

What does your photo pedigree chart look like?

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