Daniel & Calvin Adams, Boat Builders

I have previously written about my Adams boat builder ancestors and using eBay for genealogy so I want to share my most recent eBay gem.

The area in Calais, Maine where the Adams men had their dry docks is now the site of a waste recycling area. I visited Calais in the 1980’s and took this photo:

Calais Maine Drydocks 2
Adams’ Dry Docks Area

It certainly doesn’t bring up romantic images of past times in fabulous old sailing ships, does it?

Well, look what turned up on eBay recently:

CalaisSailingShips St Croix River
Old Sailing Ships

This photo dates from about 1900 and I couldn’t pass up buying it. Daniel and Calvin Adams built boats in Calais from about 1860 to 1920 so it is very possible that they built one of the sailing ships in this photo.

Doesn’t life look a lot more glamorous in this old time photo than in my 1980’s picture? This family not only built the boats, they sailed the seas, too, reaching as far as San Francisco and China.

Remember to periodically check eBay to look for family history-related finds.


2 thoughts on “Daniel & Calvin Adams, Boat Builders”

  1. Thank you for this image. I have a few ancestors who were still in Calais in 1900 (my Copeland 2nd great grandparents) and it’s neat to see what they must have seen in their harbor.

  2. My great grandfather was a Capt. Who live and sailed out of Calias during that time period. many thanks for the meaningful and majestic photo.

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