Jamboree Vendors 2016


First, I have to admit that I’ve been very spoiled, not only with past Jamboree experiences in Pasadena, but more recently RootsTech, in terms of the vendors and wares in the Exhibit Hall.

The room at Jamboree was much smaller than what I’ve been used to in the past, although I’ve been told that it was typical for the Jamborees since they have been held at the Burbank location. There were also times when it was busier than others, but I never had the feeling of being packed in.

Friday Afternoon

When I look for new products and/or companies to highlight, I always look for those which are new to me. This year’s Jamboree had many local genealogical and historical societies with tables, along with some national ones, notably SAR and DAR.

Immigrant Genealogical Society

There were also the biggest, best known companies and some book vendors. Among the other companies were some that I’ve already highlighted from the RootsTech conference, so that left only three products, plus one neat sounding new genealogical conference to talk about.

As with RootsTech vendor posts, this post is not a recommendation of any of these products because I haven’t used any of them. I am just sharing information.

First, the new conference will be hosted by the Germanic Genealogical Society on 28-29 July 2017 – the International Germanic Genealogy Conference – to be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

28-29 July 2017

The paper was folded and it got a big mangled in my bag, but complete details can be found at the Germanic Genealogy Society.

If you are one of the millions of Americans with German ancestry, check out the website for further details.

Now for the three companies and their products. The first is QromaScan.


This product appears to be only for iPhones, although the pictures can be edited on a Mac or a PC. The user can import a GEDCOM file and then tag people in the pictures just by speaking their names.

QromaScan Booth

The product is actually the QromaScan Lightbox, which folds up and can be carried like a book. Their website says it is “the world’s smartest photo scanner”, with voice recognition technology. It will even create searchable metadata if the user speaks the date, location and people in the picture.

The sale price at Jamboree was $40; the regular price is $50.

The second company, ScanDiego,  scans photos, movies and more, archiving the media to a DVD.

Brett Weiss of ScanDiego

If you are one of the people with old videos, home movies and/or photos, it is important to get them converted to a more modern media before they are totally obsolete.



It offers pick up and in-home service, which is good if you live near San Diego. I would imagine that they accept work that is shipped to them, too.

The third company was Vision to Be Organized & Scrapbook Designer with Christie Johnson.

Vision to Be Organized

Christie helps you organize, preserve and share your family history.

Vision to Be Organized Services

Christie is also a professional personal scrapbook designer and, it appears from her handout that she is even a professional home organizer! Pricing will obviously depend on the size of the project.

That’s it for the Jamboree 2016 Vendor Hall!


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