Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Lifespans of 2X Great Grandparents

This week’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun on Randy Seaver’s Genea-Musings is sharing the lifespans of our 2X great grandparents.

Here are mine:

16. John Kucharik (1820-1893), 72 years old
17. Maria Repka (1829-1896), 67 years old
18. Michael Kacsenyak (1834-after 1895), 61+ years old
19. Anna Haluska (1832-after 1895), 63+ years old
20. John Scerbak (1836-1916), 79 years old
21. Maria Patorai (1839-1912), 71 years old
22. John Murcko (1831-1917), 85 years old
23. Maria Szova (1845-1925), 79 years old
24. Calvin Segee Adams (1843-1921), 77 years old
25. Nellie F. Tarbox (1856-1927), 71 years old
26. Charles Stuart (1822-1894), 72 years old
27. Elida Ann Hicks (1833-1914), 80 years old
28. William Coleman (1834-1905), 70 years old
29. Sarah Moriah Crouse (1833-1930), 97 years old
30. Frits Wille Oscar Emil Jensen (1845-1920), 75 years old
31. Margaret Bruun (1843-1890), 47 years old

Boy! Sarah Moriah Crouse really stands out in the crowd at 97 years old!

My great great grandparents average life span was 75 years, with a range from 47 to 97 years old. I didn’t include Michael Kacsenyak or his wife, Anna Haluska, since the village church records end in 1895 and they were still living.

The second greats were born between 1820-1856, with the average birth year being 1835.

At least twelve of them lived to see the turn of the 20th century. (Again, Michael and Anna aren’t included here since I only know they died after 1895.) The range for their years of death is 1890-1930, with the average year being 1911.

Since the first eight lived in small Slovak villages where cholera decimated the population at least three times in their lifetimes and there was little to no medical care, they fared quite well.

Of the second eight, each died of causes common today, such as heart attacks and strokes, and all died in the United States, except for Calvin, who was hospitalized just over the border in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada. Sarah, at 97, died of old age. Margaret Bruun was by far the youngest to die at 47 years old, but I have no idea of her cause of death. She died in Calais, Maine.

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