New GeneaGem Found: My Heritage Digital Book Collection for FREE

My Heritage is a subscription site and my GeneaGems are always free, so why I have included the new My Heritage digital book collection as a GeneaGem?

Because I attended the Legacy Family Tree Webinar at which My Heritage announced that this new collection is free to both search AND access AND that My Heritage plans to keep it that way forever!

Here is how you access the collection because it isn’t particularly intuitive. In fact, you might not even find it by chance! Go to the MyHeritage website and scroll down to the very bottom of the page:

My Heritage – RESEARCH tab

Click on RESEARCH. A new search page opens up.

Again scroll down the categories on the left until you see “Books and Publications.” Click again and the appropriate search box will open up:

This collection has over 91,000,000 pages – yes, the number of zeros is correct – and it is not limited just to the United States or even to English. As you can see in the Books and Publications list in the image above, some of the entries that came up are in French and German.

That’s all there is to it. Head on over to My Heritage and start your own GeneaGem search.

2 thoughts on “New GeneaGem Found: My Heritage Digital Book Collection for FREE”

  1. RootsTech 2018 Contest Entry. This is great to know that this resource will continue to be free. I am excited to start using it!

  2. This site is great! Thank you.

    I tried the My Heritage FREE part you speak about. I believe the home page has changed since your blog as there are fewer items on Heritage’s space on the bottom and there is no RESEARCH tab. It looks like you may have to join MyHeritage to access the FREE digital books.

    Unfortunately, the word FREE has been redefined for the 21st century…and thus far, it hasn’t been so pretty:(!

    But again, thank you for your site. Got to get back to it:)



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