Genealogy and YouTube

Have you had the experience of knowing that you know something, but it’s pushed into the back of your mind and rarely makes it to the forefront of your thoughts? That’s how I feel about YouTube. I’ve only touched on YouTube in a couple of posts, but it’s not just a bunch of movie clips and old songs. It’s also a great genealogy educational resource.

Okay, if you don’t visit YouTube very often, here is a sampling of what is to be found. I looked for videos that had many views:

Software Help
Family Historian – Using Plug-Ins
Legacy – Searches, Sources and More
RootsMagic – RootsMagic TV (47 videos in this set!)

How I Organize My Genealogy by Elyse
Organize Your Hard Drive by Lisa Louise Cooke

Navigating the New Ancestry View (by non-Ancestry staff)
Exploring the Hidden Features of Ancestry’s New Image Viewer by Amy Johnson Crow

Using Google for Genealogy
The Google Genealogist by Devin Ashby

Digitizing Genealogy Items
Two Ways to Digitize Old Photos by digitwirlchannel

Reading Old Documents
Simple Tips for Reading Old Documents by Ancestral Findings

First Visit to the Family History Library
Family History Library Tour on the Mormon Channel

Brick Walls
10 Top Tips for How to Bust Through Your Genealogy Brick Wall by Lisa Louise Cooke

Research & Resources

Researching Newspapers for Genealogy for Free by Kenneth R. Marks
Autosomal DNA – A Step-By-Step Approach to Analysing Your atDNA Matches by Dr. Maurice Gleeson
Get the Most from NEHGS. . . at Home by the New England Historic Genealogical Society
Ten Source Citations that Everyone Needs to Know by Heather Collins, based on Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Shown Mills

This list could be endless as “genealogy” brings up 129,000 results! You are missing out on a great learning opportunity right on your own computer if you don’t check out YouTube.


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