Descendants of William Hay Bucknam and Susan Willis Henry, cont’d

A couple of days ago, I started to share the lineage of William Hay Bucknam, who died in 1862, of causes apparently not related to the Civil War. The family of his son, James Hay Bucknam (born 1840) was highlighted in that post.

Today, we will take a look at descendants of several of his other children. I am hoping to make contact with some new Bucknam cousins!

Joses/Joseph Bucknam (1844-after 1910) married Marie Bridget Kelly. They had four children, but little is known about them:

Elizabeth Belle (1870-1959) apparently married three times, but had only one son, Frank W. Clark, son of first husband William O. Clark, who she married in 1886. In 1910, Frank lived in Denver, CO with his grandparents, Joseph and Bridget Bucknam.

Joses/Joseph (c1872-after 1918) married twice, to Ellen, c1895, born in Norway and Minnie, who he married between 1900-1917. He was living in Denver, Colorado in 1900 with wife Ellen, but no children. He hasn’t been found in the 1910, but lived in Los Angeles, California in 1920 with Minnie. No children were in the household.

Maude (c1882-reportedly 1902), unmarried.

Eva (c1883-1943) was single in 1940 in California, but the S.S. Death Index claims shows her surname as Collins in 1943 when she died. It appears she had no children.

Mary E. Bucknam (1847 – 1927) married Augustus Cheney Thomas, 24 August 1862, Dubuque County, Iowa. They had four children:

Effie (1867-after 1892) married H.E. Stuart and lived in Cedar Bluffs, Saunders County, Nebraska. They had two children, Margaret (no further information) and Augustus Louis, who married and had one daughter, Nancy.

Alice (1869- after 1880) – No further information has been found on her.

Temperance Birdie (1872-after 1940) married George Raymond Lyons in 1892. They had two children, George Raymond Jr., who died in 1968 and Clifford, who died in 1989.

Nora (1879-1908) married F.W. Smith, but died soon after and apparently had no children.

John Hay (1849-1920) married Sadie Mendall Boomer (1855-1919), c1875. They had six children:

Clarence W. (1875-1947) married Elizabeth/Frances L. between 1920 and 1930, possibly in Montana. It appears they had no children.

Herbert George (1876-after 1940) married Orlinda B. (MNU) (1886- after 1940) and they had one daughter, who could still be living today. In 1940, they lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Mae Pauline (c1880-1965) married Edward W. Cooper (1877-1930), on 5 Nov 1902, Black Hawk County, Iowa. They had one daughter Mildred, born about 1906 and living in 1920. No further record has been found for their daughter.

Abbie Melinda (c1886-1972) – apparently never married and had no children.

Harry John (1890-1915) married Hazel Lucile Roach (1890-1985) on 2 April 1912. They apparently had no children and Hazel never remarried.

Howard Mendall (1896-1975) married Julia K. Atwater (1896-1992) on 2 Aug 1919, Buchanan County, Iowa. They had three children. It is not known whether there were any grandchildren:

Edwin Harry (1922-2006) married Cleo Jane (MNU) (1921-1999)

Mae Louise (1924-2000) married James F. Kahler (1925-1985)

Sally Verda (1926-1995) married Donald E. McLarnan (1920-2000)

Eliza Simons (1852-1932) married (1) James Gibson (1841-1913), 2 July 1868, Dubuque County, Iowa and (2) Marvin Haraden, 3 Nov 1919, Woodbury County, Iowa. Eliza and James are buried together in Minnehaha County, South Dakota. Eliza had no children with Marvin. James and Eliza had at least four children, but the family hasn’t been located in 1900, which would fill in the family picture. In 1910, Eliza reported that she had given birth to two children, both living, but it appears she had at least four children:

Myrtle (1874-after 1930), unmarried and had no children
Abbie (1881-between 1885-1910)
Arthur (1884-between 1885-1910)
Susan W. (1889-1959) married Charles Gage, c1908, probably Minnehaha County, South Dakota. They had four children – Leona, George Allen, Neil L. and Robert Charles, but no further information has been found on the children.

Susan’s children appear to be James and Eliza Simons (Bucknam) Gibson’s only grandchildren.

Abigail H. (1855-1906) married (1) Charles R. Dingman (1847-1888), on 7 Apr 1871, Butler County, Iowa and (2) William A. Ellis, probably in South Dakota. She and Charles had four sons:

Waldo H. (1872-1956 in Ventura, CA) who married Mary Jeanette McGaffee on 13 June 1893, Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa. They had three children: Vera, Waldo and Robert.

Orrin W. (1874-1982 in Long Beach, CA) who married Margaret E. (MNU) before 1898. They had two children: Neva M. and Ormond.

Harry Clyde (1876-1967 in Grants Pass, OR) married Mabel Florence Hollenback. They had one daughter, Vera Mae.

Raymond Earl (1885-1962 in Ventura, CA) married Matilda Christine Bettinger (1899-1951), on 27 Nov 1919, Salt Lake City, Utah. They were divorced before 1940. They had one daughter.

Lucretia (1860-1950) married (1) William F. Moyer (1851-1905) about 1880 and (2) John Robert Kelly (1854-1936), but had no children with John. William and Lucretia had four children:

Alice Edna (1882-1895); died young.

Earl William (1883-1948) married Abbie M. (MNU) about 1906. They had one son, Glenn.

Leroy Grant (1885-1886); died young.

Guy Frances (1887-1953) married Mayme Herlinde Woestman (1892-1988), 16 Nov 1920, Dubuque County, Iowa. They had one daughter, who could still be living.

That completes the children and known grandchildren of William Hay Bucknam (1815-1862) and Susan Willis Henry (1818-1901).

Please contact me if you are part of this branch of my family tree.



4 thoughts on “Descendants of William Hay Bucknam and Susan Willis Henry, cont’d”

  1. I can often find the living cousins, but finding a living cousin who knows anything and has any interest in genealogy is a whole different story. I hope you luck out and find someone who is not only interested, but has photos!

  2. I was told when I joined the family that the family was related to Patrick Henry. But there seems to much lacking on information on Susan Willis Henry which seems to be the link. Can anyone fill in the holes.

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