Coleman Family Four Generation Photo

I love multi-generational photos. This family picture spans four generations, but only three are depicted. This is my grandmother Hazel Coleman Adams’ extended family.  However, I am unsure who everyone in the picture is. I suspect that perhaps my grandmother’s brother, Hazen, might have taken this picture since his two children are in it.

Coleman Family, c1930

The family matriarch, Sarah Crouse Coleman, is seated in the middle. Sarah was born 7 May 1833 in Canada and died on 18 October 1930 in Calais, Maine. Directly behind her is her son, Hartwell Thomas Coleman. Hartwell was born 27 December 1869 and died on 30 March 1938, both in Calais. The boy and girl to the left of Sarah are two of her great grandchildren, the children of Hazen Coleman, my grandmother’s only brother. Anna Isabel Coleman was born 29 November 1917 and died on 21 June 1967. William Floyd Coleman, known by Floyd, was born 28 February 1919 and died on 15 February 2005. Floyd was awarded the Purple Heart for bravery during World War II.

The remaining ladies are a bit of a mystery. Hartwell married three times. His last wife, Sadie Edna Staples, was a young widow, born in 1895. She had one daughter with first husband George Boone, Bertha, born in 1912. That would seem to eliminate the older lady wearing the hat as Sadie. She looks to be closer to Hartwell’s age and definitely not in her young 30s. Sadie and Hartwell didn’t have any children together.

That would point to the lady to the left of Hartwell as Sadie Staples Boone, but there is a monkey wrench in this situation. Hazen Coleman was married to Mary Luella Staples, Sadie’s sister, and Mary was only one year younger than Sadie. So is the lady in the photo Sadie or Mary? I don’t know. If this is Sadie and not Mary, then the young woman on the far right could be Sadie’s daughter, Bertha Boone.

Who is the older lady to the right of Hartwell? I don’t have that answer either. He had no living sisters after 1895. Sadie’s and Mary’s mother, Adeline, didn’t pass away until 1957. She lived across the river in New Brunswick, Canada. This could be her. As for the younger girl on the far right, if she isn’t Bertha Boone,  and the cute little girl with the long curls, I have no idea who either of them might be. Actually, a thought just came to me. When I visited Calais in 1981 and met my grandmother’s half sister, Lydia, she introduced me to an older lady named Doris, who I think was a Boone. Lydia was born in 1919 – this little girl could possibly be Doris. Doris talked about knowing Hartwell.

I would love to know who all these people are because I am sure they are in some way part of my extended family.


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