Releasing Joe, Lydia, Lucy, Pegg, Rachel, Jack, Charles, Jess, James, Yarrak & Tom, 1790

This is the last of the manumissions I discovered during my February trip to Salt Lake City in February. Like most of the earlier posts, this record spans two pages.

Know all men by these presents that I Jonathan Waters of Ann Arundel County in the State of Maryland for divers good causes and considerations me thereunto moving being Conciensiously Concerned to give and grant to the negroes now in my possession their freedom and Liberty & do hereby them free from my
heirs and assigns from and from all manner persons whatsoever in manner and form following viz to: negro Joe, Lydia, Lucy, Pegg Rachel Jack to have their freedom from the date here of negro Charles Jess James Yarrak to have their freedom the tenth day of December seventeen hundred and ninety, negro Tom to have his freedomethe twenty fifth day of December seventeen hundred and ninety seven; In witness hereof I have hereunto set my hand and
seal this Second day of June seventeen hundred and ninety—

Witness Present, John Rigby                           Nathan Waters (seal)
Jonathan Edwards

On the back of the foregoing Manumission was thus Endorsed to wit —
June 5th, 1790
Ann Arundel County to wit Then Came Nathan Waters before me one of the Justices of the peace for the County aforesaid and Acknowledged the above instrument of writing to be his act and deed for the uses and purposes above mentioned –

Recorded 7th June 1790                                 Jno. Brice

Anne Arundel County, Maryland Deed Book: Liber NH, no. 5, pages 208-209, FHL film #13, 218

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