Heirlooms: 21 Years Ago Today & Grandmother’s Watch

Twenty-one years ago today, my grandmother, Hazel Ethel Coleman Adams, passed away at the age of ninety four years and two months.

Hazel Adams 1925
Hazel, c1920s

Grandmother had always been a very stylish lady, as evidenced by the Roaring 20s portrait and the picture of my son Michael and I with her in the summer of 1994, the last time I saw her.

Linda, Michael, & Hazel
Grandmother, great-grandson, Michael and Linda

Before she died, Grandmother left not only a will, but also an informal addendum in which she left certain of her possessions to her daughters and grandchildren.

One of the items that she wanted me to have was her watch. I have to admit that I wasn’t ever aware that Grandmother had a special watch, but apparently she did. It is quite dainty and beautiful.

Grandmother’s Watch

My mother said this watch was Grandmother’s pride and joy. I am sure Grandfather bought it for her as a gift. It is an Elgin that still keeps perfect time today. There are tiny diamonds at the edge of each end of the watchband and even tinier diamond chips in the band as it encircles the wrist.

I wish I had known about her watch when I could have asked her questions about it. My guess would be that it dates from the 1940s. By that time, Grandfather was a manager with the Western Union in Boston and there would have been sufficient income for surprise gifts.

The dollar value of this watch is probably not very high. The sentimental value, on the other hand, can’t be topped. I cherish the watch and am so pleased that Grandmother wanted me to have it.


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