Ebay Success – You Will Never Believe What I Found Today!

UPDATE: I’ve investigated the people in this photograph. The gentleman on the left is George Aldrich. To his right are Eliza Aldrich Roberge, Bertha Ella Stuart, Nancy Aldrich Stuart and Bertha’s friend, Gladys Tarbell, daughter of Norton Tarbell. The Tarbells were Meddybemps natives, but moved to Pittsfield, Somerset County, Maine by 1910. Gladys married Vernon Shorey on 26 Dcember 1911 in Pittsfield. Both are buried there – Gladys lived to be 101 years old, passing away in 1992, but had no children.  Eliza Roberge, also from Meddybemps, lived in Cranston, Rhode Island in 1910. Eliza had no children. Her brother, George, lived with her and her husband. He apparently never married and had no children. Bertha, then, is the only one (aside from her mom, of course) with living descendants today.

I’ve blogged at least twice about checking eBay for unique family treasures, but I checked again today since Meddybemps and Bertha Stuart’s valedictory speech were still on my mind from yesterday’s post.

I searched for Meddybemps items and had to look twice to be sure my eyes were working:

Stuarts of Meddybemps, 1910

There it was, a vintage 1910 photograph postcard of “Stuarts of Meddybemps.” It was quite expensive, but I received an eBay gift card for Christmas, so you know where that went. What are the chances that a Stuart family Meddybemps postcard would ever appear on eBay, never mind right after I had written about Bertha’s 1910 speech?

What a treasure!

6 thoughts on “Ebay Success – You Will Never Believe What I Found Today!”

  1. Congrats on the post card find! You are lucky to have an unusual surname to search for. One of my surnames is Bull, which is a bit more challenging because it returns so many hits — alas, some of them pertaining to livestock! Visiting your site after seeing your GeneaBloggers profile last week.
    Molly of Molly’s Canopy

  2. You’re inspiring me to check eBay for postcards or photos from my family’s past and hubby’s family’s past. You are incredibly lucky to have found this wonderful item!

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