Releasing Old Mary, David, Jane and Young Mary, Anne Arundel County, Maryland 1790

On 22 April 1790, Isaac Simmons declared that he was moving and filed this deed of manumission. As with previous posts, I have shared the cropped image above and the full page below.

Maryland Sst. To all whom these presents shall Come Greeting I Isaac Simmons of Ann Arundel County in the State aforesaid for divers good Causes and Considerations me thereunto
Moving do hereby declare free manumit and enfranchise the negroes following to wit – David aged twenty five years, old Mary aged sixty two years, Jane aged twenty four years and young Mary aged twenty years free from the date hereof, I hereby acknowledging the said negroes discharged
From all claims of service and right of property whatever from me my heirs Executors or administrators or Assigns in manner and form above mentioned, As witness my hand and seal this twenty second
Day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety.

Signed, Sealed, & delivered Isaac Simmons (seal)
In the presence of. . . . .

Thomas Parrit                       On the back of the foregoing deed was thus
William Fisher                      Endorsed to wit –
Zachariah Childs

Ann Arundel County On the twenty second day of April One thousand seven hundred and ninety, personally appeared before me the subscriber one of the Justices of the peace for the said County the above named Isaac Simmons & party to the within instrument & writing and acknowledged the same to be his act and deed, According to the true purport and meaning thereof—

Acknowledged before Allen Quynn
Recorded 22nd April 1790

Anne Arundel County, Maryland Deed Book: Liber NH no. 5, 1789-1793, page 184. FHL film #13,218

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