Nation Family Photo Mystery

While working on my recently completed digital genealogy Go-Over, I came across many photos that I had forgotten I even had. Not surprising, I guess, when I discovered that I have 10,000+ digital images now saved.

However, I had wondered about my mother-in-law’s grandfather, Clayton Columbus Nation and his wife, Matilda Jane Dulworth, because I had no known photos of either of them. This seemed odd because Clay lived until 1922 and Tilda survived him by nine years. They left many descendants, but I hadn’t found any relatives that had a photo of either one of them.

Then I discovered that I do, but I don’t know who is who in the two photos I have. Ruby, my mother-in-law, went through and labeled some of the family photos during the last ten or so years of her life. Among the hundreds and hundreds of pictures in that collection, I found this picture, which was a copy of an original:

Which is Clay Nation?

I actually remember Ruby talking to me about this photo, but she also wrote the same thing that she told me on the back of this picture. She said “One of these men is my grandfather, but I don’t know which one.”  She was only three years old when Clay died and she didn’t remember him. She obviously didn’t grow up seeing many photos around of him either or else she would have recognized him.

Here is a cropped view of those two men:


I have one photo of Clay’s father, Joseph Michael Nation. Here is a cropped view of just his face. The original photo is a bit damaged, as you can see by the marks on this image:


Clay Nation and his wife, Matilda Jane Dulworth, had four children of their own, Addie Florence, born about 1906 in Tennessee and died on 27 December 1969 in Altus, Jackson County, Oklahoma.

This is the only photo I have of Addie and she was quite young:

AddieNation sisterofEthelNation
Addie Nation on the left, with unknown girl

Here is just her face, cropped from the above photo:


Ethel, Clay’s other daughter, is my husband’s grandmother. I have many photos of her, but here she is when quite young:


Her main resemblance to Addie is in the shape of her face, although Ethel’s face is more square.

Clay Nation had two sons, James C., born in 1896 and William Michael (Buck) Nation, born in 1903. James lived with Buck and their widowed mother, Tilda, in 1930 in Granite, Greer County, Oklahoma. I haven’t found James after 1930 and, although Buck didn’t die until 1979, I have no photo of him, either.

I did find an obituary online with a photo of Buck’s son, Albert Leroy Nation. Here it is:


He also has the same squarish face, but I have no way of knowing if he resembled his father or his mother or neither of them.

Those are all the clues I have. Based on this little bit of information, does anyone have an opinion as to which of the two men is Clayton Columbus Nation?


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  1. Hi my name is Jamey Duley, I live in Altus OK and really didn’t know anything about my fathers family! I was20 when he passed away, im 35 now but he was 43 when I was born! I have a half sister that lives somewhere else and she is 14yrs older than me!but other than my sister ive never met any of my fathers family, I new his mother had passed away when he was around 20 and other than that he didn’t really talk about any of it so I never asked!(but I wished I had) Addie Nation was my grandmother and Donnie Duley was my father! I found pictures of my grandmother and one of her sister in my fathers things after he passed away, I did not know it was her sister till I saw this!! Someone had broke into my house when I was out of town one time and along with most of my other belongings they took a box that had all of my dads pictures in it!!! I would really love to know my family, if you could help please do, I want to know where they came from where I come from!!!! Thank You Jamey Duley

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