Many Birthdays Ago

I often think of fun times growing up in Passaic and came across some old birthday photos that my mother undoubtedly took at my birthday parties. I even remember most of the names of everyone in the pictures.

Birthday Party, c1957

I am pretty sure this was my birthday party in 1957 and we are all standing in the corner of my bedroom. From left, there is Nancy (I think), the little boy is Greg and his brother, Bruce, is smiling behind. The little girl with the X straps on her skirt is Lenore and her brother, Howard, can just be seen standing behind Adrienne. I am on the far right.

Birthday Party, c1958

This picture looks to be about a year later in 1958. Everyone is seated in the kitchen. I think the little girl cut off on the left is Kathy. Next is Adrienne, then Greg and Lenore and I think that is Nancy again on the right.

Same Party, c1958

At the other end of the table, we have Patty, Butch and Rosemary. I don’t recognize the lady on the right at all. Maybe it was Butch’s mom. He lived in the apartments across the street and moved away long before we left Passaic in 1963.

Linda in Rocking Chair
Birthday Dress, 1959, Gift from Aunt Barbara

I have a distinct memory of this birthday dress. It was gray and a very soft velvet fabric. The ribbon around the neck was light pink and I LOVED this dress. I don’t remember when else I wore it, but Aunt Barbara believed in buying clothes to grow into so I know I had it for a while.

Birthday, c1959

Kids are all in the same dark wooden chairs as before. Greg is busy watching brother Bruce blow up the balloon.

More Partiers, c1959

Lenore is on the left, almost out of the photo. I am at the end of the table in the pretty dress with the pink ribbon and a party hat. Marilyn in red is turned away from the camera and her sister, Carolyn is in the green dress on the right.

Other End of the Table, 1958

Here is Marilyn again on the left blowing her party favor, little Kathy in the high chair and brothers Stuart, left,  and Richard on the right.

I don’t remember when Nancy, the first girl at the top moved away, but it was long before 1963. Adrienne’s family moved to Queens, New York. Bruce’s and Greg’s family moved to Windsor Locks, Connecticut, Patty’s family moved to Wayne a couple of years before we moved there and little Kathy’s family moved back to Ohio, where they were from.

Those were fun times. You couldn’t beat growing up in Passaic.

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