Just for Fun – 4 X 6 = 24 Family Tree Questions

A friend of mine posted on Facebook a series of questions which each had four answers. The original questions were all about oneself, but I saw the opportunity to have some genealogy fun, so I reworked them.

My only rule was that the answers had to relate to direct line ancestors, not collaterals.

Here is my genealogically slanted set of questions:

  1. What four places did my ancestors live that are geographically the farthest from where I live today?

Öved, Sweden
Hajtovka, Slovakia
Copenhagen, Denmark
St. Ippollitts, Hertfordshire, England

2. What are the four most unusual given names in my family tree?

Eulalia (Marche)
Experience (Look)
Joses (Bucknam)
Obadiah (Wheeler)

3. What are the four most common given names in my family tree?

John (59)
William (27)
Mary (47)
Elizabeth (29)

4. Name four places on my ancestral home bucket list I’d like to visit:

Udol, Slovakia
Nantucket Island, Massachusetts
Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada
Devonshire, England

5. What are the four most unusual surnames in your family tree?


6. Which four brick walls would you most like to smash through?

Parentage of Loyalist James Astle, New York to N.B., Canada
Parentage of Benjamin Brawn, Pre-Loyalist of N.B., Canada
Parentage of Joseph Coleman of Bowdoinham, Maine
Maiden name of Catherine, wife of Loyalist Robert Carlisle of N.B., Canada and Charlotte, Maine

What does your list look like? Please share.



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