How Many Consecutive Ancestral Photo Generations Do You Have?

All too often, I read comments online about how family photos were lost by whatever means, given to someone else who won’t share or never existed because their family didn’t take many photos. I realize how very lucky and blessed I am to be the caretaker for multiple generations of my family’s photos.

It got me thinking and wondering how many ancestors were represented in a single family line of photos? Here is the answer:

ThomasAdams SarahBrownAdams
Thomas and Sarah (Brawn) Adams
(1786-1859) and (1789-1851+)
My 4x great grandparents, who lived in West Isles, New Brunswick, Canada, children of Loyalists

Daniel Adams, 1810-1893
My 3x great grandfather, who lived in Calais, Maine

Calvin Segee Adams -about 1870
Calvin Segee Adams, 1843-1921
My 2x great grandfather, who lived in Calais, Maine

Charles Edwin Adams, 1877-1922
My great grandfather, who lived in Calais, Maine

Vernon Tarbox Adams, 1899-1968
My grandfather, born in Calais,
but lived up and down Eastern seaboard

Doris - Young Woman 3
Doris Priscilla Adams Sabo, 1923-2008
My mother, also born in Calais, Maine

What is find so interesting in looking at these photographs as a group is that there is little family resemblance, other than high foreheads. I think my grandfather more closely resembled his mother’s Stuart family.

So, the answer is SIX consecutive ancestral photo generations. I have one other family, that of George Tarbox, for which I have five consecutive generations.

Dave’s family photos include three 3x great grandparents, but the photo line is broken because there are none of the 2x great grandparents.

How many consecutive photo generations do you have?

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