Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Easter Greetings Postcard

To all those who celebrate, have a wonderful Easter Sunday with family and friends.

From days gone by, here is my son, Michael, in his first Easter outfit in 1988. He isn’t looking too sure about having his picture taken, but I loved the little bunny outfit. It is one of the outfits that I saved and sewed into the quilt I made of his cutest outgrown baby clothes.

Michael, Easter 1988

Each year, the city of Rancho Cucamonga, where we lived at the time, had an Easter candy hunt in one of the city parks. This photo is from 1990. Michael is the curly red head in the middle and I’m wearing the blue slacks, guiding him to where the candy was.

Easter Candy Hunt, 1990

What I remember most about that day was that most of the other moms were running around grabbing the candy for their kids instead of letting them pick it up themselves. We found this spot on the side where there were lots of candies laying around and, as you can see, neither the grandma in the yellow slacks nor I are picking anything up ourselves!

I hope you create new family memories on this happy day.

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