To Begin Again. . .or Not to Begin Again, That Is the Question

I must be crazy. That’s all there is to it. Yesterday’s announcement that Family Historian 6 released a new major update got me thinking, again.

I have been thinking about a new version of the Genealogy Do-Over, but as a second Go-Over. Last year’s Go-Over involved completing the scanning and attaching of 6000+ documents and images. I started thinking about a second Go-Over at the end of 2015, but have been busy with other projects.

With all the new BSOs in the form of four new genealogy software programs, I began toying with the idea of creating a new family tree in one of them. I knew the most about RootsMagic, so I didn’t want to use that program. I wanted the time spent on creating the tree to be worthwhile in terms of learning how to use features in one of the other new programs.

Family Historian 6 caught my fancy early on, so yesterday’s announcement of the new update was just the impetus I needed to get started.

Unless I decide for whatever reason to abandon this foolishness great new brainstorm of mine, I think realistically that it will take me at least until the end of 2016 to complete the tree.

What is involved?

  1. Entering 7600+ individuals by hand
  2. Renaming about 5000 images and documents
  3. Attaching those 5000 images and documents
  4. Using the link-to-faces feature in Family Historian on the photos with more than one person in them, which is most of them
  5. Citing the sources in those frustrating and annoying handy and useful source citation templates
  6. Not going completely mad when doing the citations

I have already decided on a plan of attack. Thousands of the documents and images belong to the first three generations of my family. A huge chunk of the first weeks will be spent working on those items, especially family photos, that are of my immediate family.

I have decided to rename the images in this format: (state, city).LastNameFirstName.Description.Date

I have copied all of the images onto a flash drive and set up a new permanent folder on my computer titled “Genealogy Media – Final” and added surname sub-folders. As I collect the images, I will rename them, copy them into the appropriate sub-folder and attach them to the software. Lastly, I will add the source citation.

For family photos in my possession, I have decided not to do citations for those I have of the immediate family. Common sense would tell any descendant that they were created in my lifetime and were in my possession. I will note the provenance of older photos that I inherited.

Can I find things the way I have the folders set up? Yes, definitely. I rarely have trouble finding an image when I need it. However, others would likely have a much more difficult time if they waded into my folders. This way, searching will be on more of an even playing field for everyone.

If I knew how to set up a one question survey for my readers, I would, but since I don’t know how and have no time to figure it out (remember, “free” time in 2016 just got filled with this Go-Over), I will just ask you to post an answer to this one question?

Am I crazy or sane?




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