RootsTech 2016, Final Day

Well, the dreaded day has come way too quickly – the last day of RootsTech 2016 and the last day of my stay in Salt Lake City. I am already plotting a summer visit!

I fit in an hour and a half of library time, by arriving just before the doors opened.

It was time well spent because I managed to scan quite a few land deed abstracts for my husband’s Holland family from Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Time again flew by and I headed to the convention center. At first glance, it was easy to tell it was much busier than during the past three days because it was Family Discovery Day.

My next to last session was another visit to listen to Tom Jones’ talk, Solutions for Missing and Scarce Records. The room was packed and they brought in some extra chairs.

Tom shared that when records are missing, destroyed or non-existent, it takes experience, skill and knowledge to assemble evidence for the missing pieces of the family history puzzle.

From this starting point, he shared other sources and locations where some answers might be found. He pointed out that these types of records are usually not microfilmed and require a in-person visit. Three case studies were presented to illustrate what can be accomplished to get around those missing records.

My very last session (: was that of Nancy E. Loe, who spoke on Managing Your Digital Environment. Her blog site is SassyJaneGenealogy.

She covered how to organize records on the computer, how to organize your social media life and how to keep safe and secure online.

Excellent information – a great final session to a fun, informative RootsTech 2016.

There are two more RootsTech 2016 posts coming online, tomorrow and on Tuesday. Those posts will cover the variety of services and products available at this year’s conference.

I can’t believe that it is over!



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