Recommended Reads

Recommended Reads

This week, there is a lot of news about technology and resources, but not as many family stories.


I didn’t know there was a Plus version of Billion Graves, so I learned some new things:
Billion Grave Plus Adds Powerful New Analytic Tools by James Tanner on Genealogy’s Star

A great read for those with Ipswich, MA roots:
Vestiges of Ipswich Village on the Old Rowley Road by Gordon Harris on Stories From Ipswich

Vet Your Sources, Please! by Sally Knudsen on SallySearches

Irish Family History Useful Resources by John D. Reid on Canada’s Anglo-Celtic Connections

Les Deportes (French Jewish WWII deportation in English) on The French Genealogy Blog

New Resource for African American Family History by Lisa on Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems

For those with recent Canadian roots:
LAC Digitizes Almost 14,000 WWI Files This Month by Gail Dever on Genealogy à al Carte

National Trust Historic Preservation’s African American Historic Places Database by Diane L. Richard on UpFront with NGS

UK Historical Web Archive by John D. Reid on Canada’s Anglo-Celtic Connections

I actually know a couple of people with family who were early in Alaska:
Pribilof Islands, Alaska Territory 1875-1910 Digitized Census Posted Online with Free Access by Leland Meitzler on GenealogyBlog

10+ Resources for African American Genealogy Resources by Lisa on Lisa Lisson

Earliest Mugshots of Blacksheep Ancestors by Lorine McGinnis Schulze on Olive Tree Genealogy Blog

Family Stories

Jonas Prescott & Mary Loker by Bill West on West in New England

Do you think Lara found it?
My Great-Great-Great Grandmother Malka Vizel’s Death Record – Maybe by Lara Diamond on Lara’s Jewnealogy

Do you recognize anyone in your family?
Old Photographs Saved from Trash Can – #43 Unknown Family by Cathy Meder-Dempsey on Opening Doors in Brick Walls

Unique Picture Find to Try! by Lori Samuelson on Genealogy at Heart

What an Old Yellowish Picture Can Reveal by Ranae Kallman Fleick on Ranae’s Swedish-Chicago Heritage Blog


Let’s hope Tony’s discussions gave some food for thought to the developers at RootsTech:
Evolution and Genealogy by Tony Proctor on Parallax View

Google is Laying Picasa in the Grave, Moving Over to Google Photos by Eric Ravenscraft on Lifehacker

New 11 Part Series on Microsoft Word by Thomas MacEntee by Geoff Rasmussen on GeneaWebinars

Open Letter to Genealogy Companies by Jill Ball on GeniAus

I was surprised when I read Randy’s mini-study:
Does Ancestry Member Tree Index “Prune” Trees? by Randy Seaver on Genea-Musings

Methodology, News, Etc.

Dumping Your Tree – A Radical Way to Correct Mistakes by Lori Samuelson on Genealogy at Heart

Yvette is on her way to certification. Congratulations:
Finished my Portfolio for the Board for Certification for Genealogists by Yvette Hoitink on Dutch Genealogy

Last, but not least, for those still catching up with RootsTech news:
RootsTech 2016 Conference Blog Compendium – UPDATED! by Randy Seaver on Genea-Musings

Can I Use That Picture? on Relatively Curious

Is an Automated Solution Always Better? by James Tanner on Genealogy’s Star

Naming patterns are common in many ethnic groups:
Quick Tip: Do the Names of the Children Match? by Yvette Hoitink on Dutch Genealogy

Tuesday’s Tip: Blogging, Copyright and I Am Not a Thief? by Ranae Kallman Feick on Ranae’s Swedish-Chicago Heritage Blog

Last, but not least – Randy gives us some food for thought:
What About My Life and Family Stories? by Randy Seaver on Genea-Musings

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