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I have some Massachusetts and Maine roots that crossed over into New Hampshire for short periods of time. As I started to research New Hampshire records, I discovered that there are few free resources, even though New Hampshire records are plentiful for the family genealogist.

The main paid sites offering New Hampshire records are and, the website of the New England Historic Genealogical Society.

There are only a handful of websites offering free access to New Hampshire records online.

  1. New Hampshire Genealogy and History at Search Roots

2. University of New Hampshire Library Digital Collections- The New Hampshire Genealogical Record. This collection has scattered issues digitized dating between 1904-1909.

By far, the best free site for New Hampshire records is FamilySearch. If I were beginning my research today, it would definitely be my first stop. FamilySearch includes links to its own databases, but also to other sites, some of which are subscription sites. However, there are enough records housed on FamilySearch – birth, death, marriage, probate, cemetery, town histories and military records back to the Revolutionary War that provide a healthy start for an ancestor who lived in New Hampshire.

That is about it. I wish the list were more extensive and I was actually a bit surprised that so few sites offer anything online, paid or free.

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  1. You are right, there isn’t much here in New Hampshire online. Most things are still held at the local level here in New Hampshire, which means digging through the collections at town halls, town historical societies and local libraries. Here are a few online FREE resources for New Hampshire. 1) NH County Registries of Deeds 2) For Hampton (colonial seacoast) Genealogy 3.) Manchester Historic Association online Photographic collection 4) Online collections catalog of the NH Historical Society 5) Also there are transcribed articles and more at J. Dennis Robinson’s “Seacoast History” 6) Don’t forget the NH Provincial and State Papers, which I’ve summed up at my blog post at this link:

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