More Stufflebean Proof – Jacob Stufflebeam of Randolph County, Illinois

There is now documentary proof regarding Jacob Stufflebean, son of Revolutionary War pensioner John Stufflebean.

To recap the little I had on Jacob Stufflebean:

Jacob Stufflebean apparently married Unknown before 1830. I say apparently because no marriage record has ever been found for him.

In 1830, Jacob is 20-29 years old, with a female in the same age range and a male under 5.

In 1840, the adults are both 30-39. There are two males, one 15-20 and the other 10-15.

  1. Male, born 1820-1825
  2. Male, born  1825-1830

The 1850 mortality schedule lists one Jacob Stufflebean of Randolph County who died in July 1849 of cholera. His age is recorded as 70, which is about 20 years too old, and that he was born in Tennessee, but Jacob is the only Stufflebean there in 1840 and no Stufflebeans are in the regular schedule of Randolph County in 1850.

So, is this Jacob who died of cholera the same Jacob who is the son of John and Elsee? I don’t know, but I don’t know who else it could be. A 1780 birth date in Tennessee is not likely. There weren’t any Stufflebeans early in Tennessee. There is also no indication of who gave the mortality information to the census taker, either. Another possibility is that the census taker wrote down the wrong age. In any case, John and Elsee’s son, Jacob, and his family are gone by 1850 with no clues about their given names.

UPDATE: Jacob Stufflebean’s will was found in the records of Randolph County, Illinois and I am sure that this is the son of John and Elsee (Larrison) Stufflebean.

Jacob’s will, probated on 25 July 1849,  was extremely short. He left a bed to the Mary, the German hired woman living with him and the rest of his estate to Henry Parks. If Jacob had ever married and the 1830 census included his wife and young son, then they died long before Jacob.

There were three Parks families living in Randolph County in 1840, but Henry Parks wasn’t listed then or in 1850. The mortality schedule that listed Jacob also named Henry Parks, aged 22 and Mrs. Parks, aged only 19. The Parks were the next two names following Jacob’s and just above Jacob was 30 year old Dr. Millard. All died of cholera.

Jacob furthered asked to be buried next to his parents. Soldier John died on 16 January 1844 in Kaskaskia. Elsee survived him, but apparently died before July 1849. Jacob also requested that a fence be put around their graves. Today, that land is under waters held by the Kaskaskia River dam.

IRAD marriage database shows Henry Parks married Mahala Page on 1 May 1849. Jacob must have befriended them and when he knew he was dying, he left his estate to this young married couple. Little did any of them know that all three would be dead a few weeks later.

Thus, Jacob Stufflebean left no heirs and has no living descendants today.


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