A New Look at Bloggers’ Toolboxes

Last year, I suggested that we, as readers, need to actually visit the sites of blogs we read most often because many of those sites have links to genealogy resources. Some of those links are to lesser known and under utilized resources.

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. If the blogger has written stories about your family, whether close or distant cousins, check the links for more family info.
  2. If the blogger has written about unique topics, check the links for more info.
  3. If the blogger specializes in a certain topic, check the links for more info.

Are you getting the picture? Thomas MacEntee, who hosts High-Definition Genealogy and Hack Genealogy, promotes the use of Genealogy Research Toolboxes. Since each genealogist has a unique set of interests and family connections, one person’s toolbox is very different than someone else’s.

However, it is likely that every family history researcher will find something of interest in each of those toolboxes. It is well worth taking the time to check them out.

4. If you don’t have your own genealogy toolbox, now is the time to start building it. It’s much easier to open the toolbox and click on links to your own favorite tools, tricks and websites than it is to search for it every time you want to use it.

Of the 200+ blogs that I follow, many (but not all) have tabs that have many names, but they are essentially portals to research toolboxes.

A Wise Heart’s Journey –  Genealogy Links
DNAeXplained – Help
GeneaBloggers – Blogging Resources (not just for bloggers!)
Genealogy à la Carte – Genealogy Research Toolbox
Genea-Musings – Randy’s Genealogy Links & Sample Source Citations
Jana’s Genealogy and Family History Blog – Research Toolbox
Julie’s Genealogy and History Hub – Genealogy Resources
Lara’s Jewnealogy – Finding Eastern European Records
Lisa Lisson –  Genealogy Resources
Many Roads – Links
My Ancestors and Me – Genealogy Research Aids, Pennsylvania Resources, Ohio Resources, Coal Mining Resources
One Rhode Island Family – Free Rhode Island Resources
Practical Archivist – Supplies and Tools I Recommend
Roots Revealed – How to get Started, Slave Ancestral Research
The Advancing Genealogist – Resources
The Cousin Detective – Resources

Last, but not least – I’ve been updating and adding to my own research toolbox categories on Empty Branches:

EmptyBranchesCropEmpty Branches Tabs

Some tabs have multiple pages in a drop down menu, while others are single pages to click and read.

Research toolboxes are always a work in progress so you should visit them often and, remember,  you don’t have to be a blogger to build your own. If you don’t have one, start today!





4 thoughts on “A New Look at Bloggers’ Toolboxes”

  1. Thanks for including my toolboxes/resources pages on my blog, Linda. I often read posts on feedly and don’t always click through to a blog unless I want to comment. This is a good reminder why it’s important to visit blogs and not just read posts.

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