Descendants of Rev. War Soldier John Stufflebean, Part 5 – Richard

We have finally come to the last of the children of John and Elsee Stufflebean. The remaining child is son Richard.

Richard Stufflebean was born about 1809, Estill County, Kentucky. He married Mary (Polly) Patrick on 14 July 1830 in Estill County. Polly was only 14 or 15 when she married. This family took the “m” at the end of their name and became “Stufflebeam.” Richard and Polly both died between the 1880 and 1900 censuses, likely in Madison County, Arkansas.

They had quite a few children, but this family isn’t found in the 1850 census, when they lived in Owsley County, Kentucky, where daughter Perlina was reportedly born that year. Everyone in this family was born in Kentucky.

  1. William Asbury, born about 1836; reportedly died 22 February 1863 in Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas.
  2. James Anderson, born about 1837. James is noted as “insane” on the 1860 census, but he later married Permelia Irene Milsap about 1870, as they are a young couple with no children in that census.
  3. Jacob Greenbury, born July1839; died 4 July 1910 in Hill County, Texas. He married Sarah A. Patrick,  about 1867, probably in Madison County, Arkansas. This family moved to Hill County, Texas between 1900 and 1910.
  4. John Merida, born about 1844; died 30 September 1913, Madison County, Arkansas. He married America Pool about 1866, probably in Madison County, Arkansas.
  5. Houston Patrick, born 8 June 1847; died 28 January 1928. Houston married Catherine Helton as her second husband.
  6. Perlina Alice, born about 1850, reportedly in Owsley County, Kentucky; unmarried.
  7. Hiram Edward, born 19 September or November 1852; died 17 February 1916, Logan County, Arkansas. He married Anna L. Walkup about 1873, probably in Madison County, Arkansas.

There you have it, the children and grandchildren of Revolutionary War soldier John Stufflebean and his two wives, Priscilla Ross and Elsee Larrison Ketchum. At this point, I don’t believe he had any daughters. I think Mary Stufflebean who married John Maxwell in 1826 was the young widow of their son, James.

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