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PLEASE NOTE: UPDATE: I loved Genealone, but decided to uninstall it, as it hasn’t been updated in over a year. If a new version becomes available, my tree will be posted back online.

A while back, I saw mention of Genealone, a WordPress plug-in that would display a family tree. I actually learned about it from a post that Dick Eastman had on EOGN. It wasn’t free, but I decided for $12, I wanted to try it out. Like some of the other technology BSOs I have purchased, it sat for a while. I wasn’t sure how it worked or what it might do on my blog site, so I didn’t do much of anything.

While reviewing all the “stuff” I’ve downloaded, purchased and/or wanted to try out, I decided now was the time to seriously look into Genealone. By chance, Colin Spencer posted a YouTube video on installing the WordPress plug-in (Genealone can also be used to create a family tree on a regular website, not just a blogging site) on 15 December. It is only four minutes long, but it showed me what to do and showed the results. That was enough to give me the confidence to activate the plug-in and upload a GEDCOM.

Because I have 7500 people, 4000+ images and notes in my tree, I chose to upload only facts, no images and no notes. I also privatized living people before I created the GEDCOM.

My family tree now has its own page on this blog. Just click on the link under the header and this home page will appear:

Kucharik/Sabo-Adams Family Tree Page

The tree is searchable, either with the Search box or by clicking on Last Names. Right now, there is nothing to be found in Gallery, Documents or Pages, by my own choice.

The Relationships chart will show direct line family connections:

Relationship Chart

The Timeline moves by century, not by person, but shows all individuals who lived during the time period displayed.

1600’s Timeline

Looking at this in a practical manner, I think the most useful choice is the Last Name search, particularly if a reader wanted to find out more about ancestors mentioned in a post. However, if you have family members who read your blog, these other links are a fun way to have them look at their own family tree.

Please take a moment to check out my new Kucharik/Sabo-Adams Family Tree and let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “New Toy- WordPress Plug In – Genealone”

  1. Hi: I just uploaded a gedcom file into genealone and it is mssing the county and state names and seems to be missing at least one set of parents. I didn’t check further. Did you notice any information that was not correct, or missing? Also, the developer seems to be missing. this is a great idea – I am just concerned about the execution.

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